New! Enhancing + Replenishing Eye Serum May 05 2016

We are so excited to launch our new and improved Enhancing + Replenishing Eye Serum! This powerful blend of 13 active whole plant ingredients renews + enhances the eye area and awakens tired eyes. The powerful antioxidants found in these trusted botanicals work to repair free radical damage and fight the common signs of aging.

By effectively toning the skin, stimulating cell renewal and correcting the effects of time, this concentrated serum transforms the delicate skin around the eyes for a timeless bright + youthful look. 

Containing superb anti-aging ingredients, such as rose otto essential oil, eyebright, green tea + evening primrose oils, this product is great for all skin types. 

Rose Otto is an ancient anti-aging secret valued for its ability to naturally hydrate + balance the skin. Rose oil promotes cell regeneration through boosting the skin's collagen + elastin fibres. 

Eyebright has been used since the 14th century to restore and illuminate the skin. Rich in antioxidants, Eyebright reduces puffiness while protecting the skin from damaging free radicals + toxins. 

Green Tea's natural caffeine content energies and combats redness + puffiness. This powerful botanical encourages blood flow, alleviating dark circles while correcting + balancing skin tone. 

Directions: Use morning + night for best results. Mix equal parts water + serum (approximately 3 drops) into the palm of your hand. With your ring finger (the lightest in touch) gently tap the serum to the contour area around the eye. 

xx Julie + Cassandra