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Oil based skincare | Our secret to perfect skin!

Our not-so-secret method for achieving perfect skin is using oil based skincare! Some people are afraid of using oil on their skin, as they believe it may lead to breakouts and congestion. The opposite is true, as oil actually prevents and clears acne. Oil products maintain hydration levels within the skin, keep our PH levels balanced and impart a natural, healthy glow.

Acne prone clients are usually led to using harsh, overly drying and irritating products to address their concerns. These products wreck havoc on our PH levels and trick the skin into thinking it is dry, leading to an over production of sebum (oil). It is a never ending cycle of unknowingly using the wrong products for your skin, even though they are marketed to heal your acne concerns. A gentle yet effective spot treatment for acne is our newest Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate. This product works to heal cystic blemishes, lighten acne scarring and reduce redness + inflammation. For whiteheads or bacterial acne breakouts, try our Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum.

The trick to clearing acne is in fact putting oil on your face! Oil products will regulate sebum secretion, making sure you are not over producing or under producing throughout the day. We need to increase moisture levels within our body for effective healing + maintaining healthy skin. Drinking an increase in water is always key, though we can increase moisture within our skin by applying oils + water together topically.

Our go-to combination is a quick spritz of Invigorating + Balancing Toner to the face, followed by 5-10 drops of our Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum OR our new Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum. The face serum you apply will bind to the rose water in our toner, therefore increasing product absorption and effectively carrying all botanical ingredients to the deepest layers of our skin (where collagen + elastin fibres, hair follicles and sebum production are formed).

If you are dealing with dry, dehydrated, cracked or flaking skin, oil will be your saviour. You may use oils topically as well as internally for best results. Learn more about which oils work best for you by booking a consult at our skincare clinic; flax oil, fish oil, and omega 3's are great internal supplements to increase moisture within the body. Learn more about internal hydration here.

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  • Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate Press - Province Apothecary

    Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate

    a powerful way of dealing with breakouts

    Our concentrated blend of superior botanicals targets the appearance of spots for a brighter, revitalized complexion. Why it's special: It purifie...

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  • Clear Skin Advance Face Serum with Press - Province Apothecary

    Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum

    lightweight oil blend for sensitive or acneic skin

    Our advanced formulation of plant-powered oils soothes skin’s appearance for a brighter, more even tone. Why it's special: It balances and tones, ...

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