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Free Shipping on orders over $35 to Canada and the U.S.
Free Shipping on orders over $35 to Canada and the U.S.

Everything You Need To Know About Our New Recycling Program

At Province Apothecary, we are committed to providing organic and ethically sourced products, and continually finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. For the last few years, we have offered a recycling incentive program to local customers: if you bring in 5 used PA bottles, you receive a free lip balm. We recycle all returned product bottles with the City of Toronto.

In an effort to further reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic waste, we have partnered with a program called Terracycle for repurposing + recycling packaging that isn't currently accepted in the municipal program and might otherwise end up in landfills or waterways.

What is Terracycle and what do they do?

TerraCycle is a highly-awarded and globally recognized recycling company that develops zero waste solutions for difficult-to-recycle waste streams. The waste is collected through their Zero Waste System and is then sorted and repurposed into affordable, innovative products instead of being sent to a landfill.

How is this different than our last recycling program?

We have always recycled our bottles with the City of Toronto but until this point, we have not been able to recycle droppers, sprayers, or pumps. With Terracycle, we are able to continue to recycle glass and plastic packaging as well as materials like our pumps and droppers, mist sprayers, tins, lip balm tubes, and other hard-to-recycle packaging.

What are some ways that Terracycle diverts waste from landfills?

METALS | Metals are separated by specific type and smelted into ingots for re-use.

PLASTICS | Plastics are separated by number and melted down. From there, most plastics are turned into small pellets that can be molded and extruded into unique shapes and products.

GLASS | Glass is cleaned and sorted by color for processing. It is then crushed and melted to be used in new glass products or other applications.

What will you accept in your new recycling program?

We will continue to honour our “bring back 5 empty Province Apothecary containers to receive 1 free lip balm.” We will accept + recycle packaging from our entire product line, including:

  • Wellness + Perfume Roll-on vials
  • Lip balm containers
  • Sample containers and vials

Please ensure minimal residual product on your returns. Please note that sample packaging will not count towards receiving a free lip balm.

We're so excited to be broadening our in-store recycling program and we hope you'll continue to bring us your empty PA containers!


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