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Free Shipping on orders over $35 to Canada and the U.S.
Free Shipping on orders over $35 to Canada and the U.S.

Our sustainable approach to skincare

At Province Apothecary, we are committed to providing organic and ethically sourced products and continually finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. When you choose Province Apothecary, you’re investing in products made with a sense of responsibility for the planet. Here are some of our eco-friendly initiatives:

Sustainable Packaging:

Our Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask, Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask and Facial Cupping Set come in compostable pouch packaging. These pouches are made from renewable, non-GMO, & bio-based materials, which can be tossed into your backyard compost! They are designed to break down faster than other materials without leaving harmful residues behind or microplastics.

It takes 8-12 months for the packaging to decompose.

Recycling Program:

In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic waste, we are in partnership with a program called Terracycle for repurposing + recycling packaging that isn't currently accepted in the municipal program and might otherwise end up in landfills or waterways. With this initiative, we are able to recycle glass and plastic packaging as well as materials like our pumps and droppers, mist sprayers, tins, lip balm tubes, and other hard-to-recycle packaging.

Bring your Province Apothecary empties to our store, where every aspect of our packaging is recycled. Plus, for every five empty bottles, you get a free lip balm!

Choosing plant-based ingredients

The natural approach to skincare involves using gentle products, made from clean, farm-fresh ingredients you can pronounce + recognize. Natural products are often made in smaller batches, so there is more control over the processing of these powerful plant-based healers, preserving the integrity of the plant medicine.

We’re also proudly cruelty-free, vegan, green business certified and our products are made in Canada.

We are deeply grateful to have you here with us. Thank you for supporting our eco-conscious and sustainable efforts.

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