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Women We Admire with Natalie Matias

Natalie is a Global Mindfulness Consultant and Facilitator and spreads mindfulness and meditation to promote well being. An advocate for well being and sustainable living, Natalie, uses her broad skill-sets to help everyone discover how mindfulness and meditation can be integrated into managing the complexities of life. Natalie's work is informed and supported by Neuroscience, Buddhism, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Trauma-Informed Facilitation, and more.

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We asked Natalie some questions about her work and her approach to self care.

What is a Meditation + Mindfulness Coach?

The intent in my role as Meditation and Mindfulness coach is to give my students agency and the empowerment to learn and navigate meditation in a self supported space. It starts with introducing students to a wide range of meditations to discover a meditation style that works with their personality and interests. Once they find a meditation technique they can resonate with, I then coach them into having a consistent, regular practice.

Tell us how your journey into mindfulness studies + teaching began.

My mindfulness journey really started in my youth. I was born with a natural tendency to be clumsy and forgetful and it has been my life challenge to be more mindful in every aspect of daily living. Mindfulness didn’t necessarily change those things but it did really help with the judgement I placed on myself and to overcome feelings of failure with loving kindness.

I was drawn to a deeper study after attending a Meditation Retreat, Peace By The Water, with my best friends in 2014. That retreat started a full moon and new moon commitment to create and gather in a circle, which later on I discovered as being a sangha translated from Sanskrit as “community” and is considered a creed of Buddhism. Within the Peace Warrior circle we seeked, explored and experimented in all the various types of meditation and after a couple years I recognized a deep joy for the community and was drawn to experiment with guiding meditations within our new and full moon gatherings.

Where do you draw inspiration from (in your work and/or everyday life)?

My biggest inspiration is nature; the nature of the natural environment, humans and things. The other half of that inspiration is from a state of “bearing witness” to “notice what you notice” . Without moments of pause and stillness I find it difficult to recognize and take in any inspiration. So to answer your question, my inspiration is drawn from intentional pauses to observe the nature around me.

What’s been the most challenging part of sharing your work with the world? What has been the most rewarding?

I would say the most challenging part is not letting the business side overrun the compassion side with my intent to make meditations accessible to everyone. With meditation being my main source of income I must constantly create balance in the micro ecosystem of my business to give back in abundance as much as I receive in abundance. The most rewarding part is seeing humans discover a new quality of life from learning how to be aware of a life that can be lived that is not defined by what is ruminating in the mind.

How do you “fill your cup”?

The most consistent thing that “fills my cup” is my daily meditation practice. But even as a avid meditator sometimes my cup needs more than that and that is when I lean on my toolbox that includes taking time to rest, read and cuddle, going for a bike ride, taking a city night walk, with my favourite tunes and/or challenging myself with a terraneous hike.

What does your current skincare routine look like?

My skincare routine for my face is pretty minimal. I find that my face can only take so much product so I do 50/50 mix of the PA Nourishing and Revitalizing Moisturizer with my custom serum. I spend very little time in the bathroom so I put a pump/drop in my balm mix and apply.

I do love adding on when needed; i.e occasional jade massage and obsessed with the invigorating + Balancing toner! The toner is my must-have product!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

My father’s last words to me were, “Don’t worry” I was born worrying and even though it is impossible to eliminate worries overall. They don’t take as much hold on me as they used to with the help of being mindful and meditating.

When do you feel most like yourself/when are you at your happiest?

I feel happiest and most myself when I am surrounded by my core familia and friends. They accept me for my clumsy and forgetful self and always champion my ways even though it can be very different.

Who are womxn or womxn identifying you admire?

Everyday, I admire every womxn or womxn identifying committed to anti-racism, decolonization and anti-oppression. I admire BIPOC womxn speaking out and also standing in strong boundaries to heal from generations of trauma. And I also admire all the womxn who recognize they hold whiteness and privilege and are learning to show up as true allies beyond performative allyship.

Tell us about your go to meditation?

Lately my favourite meditation is mantra meditation in traditional sanskrit guided by Deepak Choprah. Currently I am revisiting a 21 Day Abundance Meditation.

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