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Limited time offer! Spend $75 and receive a complimentary 30ml Cleanser
Spend $75 and receive a free 30ml Cleanser

The Holisticrat Talk // Healthy Skin from Within with Dr. Kaylee Alton, ND

Do you suffer from dry skin? Does your eczema flare up in the winter?

Get the latest news on how to take care of your skin, from the inside out.

Monday Dec 4th. 7:30-9:30pm. Get your tickets through paypal here.

Dr. Kaylee Alton will discuss understanding acne, how your eczema is triggered, how your gut affects your skin, the importance of blood flow for clearing complexion and improving dry skin, and strategies to support your skin through this cold season. Handouts will be provided, supplement samples will be given out, and special treats will be provided. Come ready to learn and take something home to be applied.

Plus Julie Clark, Toronto's natural beauty enthusiast & founder of Province Apothecary organic skincare line & boutique, will also be presenting on skincare, facial massages, what ingredients to look for in skincare products & dry skin brushing & more!

Special treats from:






Guys & Girls welcome! Limited seating available.


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