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Healthy Hydration | 3 Fresh combinations to add to your water

Water is your drink of choice if you're looking to achieve radiant, glowing skin. Water aids in flushing out toxins from the body, thus improving skin complexion and appearance. Our body requires ample amounts of water to effectively dispose of toxins; if we are dehydrated, or our bodies are 'off balance', we often expel toxins through our skin (the largest eliminating organ).

There are many benefits to drinking water consistently throughout your day, as outlined in our previous post Benefits of Drinking Warm Water. Maintaining a healthy level of hydration promotes weight loss, increases energy, relieves fatigue, boosts immunity, relieves headaches, prevents cramps, and improves your overall mood!

Increasing our intake of water helps us maintain fluidity within our cells. When we are dehydrated, stagnation has the opportunity to form. Stagnation poses many threats, including skin concerns such as acne blemishes, blackheads, dry skin and more. Maintaining fluidity within our cells improves our natural detoxification process and increases vitality largely.

Add some fun to your new favourite drink! We love infusing water with antioxidant rich fruits for flavour + colour.
Here are some of our favourite flavour combinations:

Green Tea + Mint + Lime

Fat-burning, promotes regular digestion, relieves headaches

Cucumber + Strawberry + Kiwi

Blood sugar balancing, promotes regular digestion

Cucumber + Lemon + Lime

Maximizes hydration, promotes regular digestion, controls appetite

Stay healthy + hydrated!

What are some of your favourite flavoured water infusions? Let us know in the comments below!

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