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Active Ingredient | Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is a new addition to our Detoxifying + Clarifying Face Mask! It is a unique and very powerful natural ingredient. We have been using it in our Custom Facial Treatments with amazing results!

Bentonite clay is a powerful active ingredient that draws toxins out of the skin; it has a strong negative electrical charge that bonds to the positive charge of heavy-metal toxins. Rich in minerals, this clay clarifies pores and reduces inflammation. It is widely known for its highly absorptive properties, which makes it a great detoxifying ingredient. Geologically, bentonite is a volcanic ash deposited in sea water approximately 60 million years ago.

When combined with water and used as a clay mask, bentonite clay binds to bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin + within pores, thus extracting these toxins from the deeper levels of the skin. This helps to reduce the outbreak of blemishes, alleviate redness, and fight allergic reactions from irritating lotions or face washes + even helps heal poison ivy.

Thanks to the clay’s special ability to act as an antibiotic treatment when applied topically to the skin, the clay can help to calm skin infections and speed up healing time of wounds, even when prescription antibiotics were not able to help solve the problem. This is why it's an ideal clay for all skin types, from super-sensitive to acne-prone skins. Regularly using bentonite clay as a face mask will aid in healing even the most obnoxious skin concerns.

Clay Mask:

For all skin types

In a small bowl, mix:

  • 2 TBSP clay
  • 1 TBSP organic local honey
  • water, as needed, to form a smooth consistency

Apply evenly to the skin and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. For best results, apply a thin layer of oil to the skin prior to applying clay mask, to add moisture and permeability.

Spot Treatment:
Mix 1-2 tsp clay + a few drops of water ( add 1/2 tsp honey for more antibacterial properties) into a little glass jar (with a lid).
Apply a small amount of our clear skin spot treatment and a small amount of your clay mask mixture to each pimple and let dry. You can leave on for a few minutes, hours or over night.
The minerals in our mask (from seaweed, maple syrup and all the clays) help calm infection, relieve redness, and help pull out oil and dirt. Newest addition: Bentonite clay acts as a natural antibiotic and helps heal pimples faster.
* you can keep this clay mask in the fridge for 4-5 days!

xx Cassandra + Julie

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