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Seasonal Transitions | Shift into Spring mindfully

I like the word transition. It is the in-between moments of change. In this article, I am referring to the transition of one season to the next. Some remnants of winter still exist as the temperatures slowly start to rise and new growth emerges from its dormant slumber. This is the perfect time to move in tune with nature's rhythms and emerge yourself and your skin into new seasonal shifts.

Season changes are the best times of year to receive a professional skin care treatment. Our skin is completely affected by our exterior environment. As the weather changes, one might be experiencing break outs (especially if you are on an internal spring cleanse), flaky or dehydrated skin, or a dull completion. A professional treatment is like a reset for your skin. The practitioner can manually and carefully remove blackheads and clogged pores. If you have a rapport with your esthetician they can update you on your skin condition compared to your last visit. Suggestions can be made for new home care regimes or alternative ways you could be adjusting your products daily. It is also a great time if we have not been utilizing our skin care products to get back on track.

Emotionally the body could be experiencing this transition too; shifts in mood from a more introverted winter slow-down to the excitement of springs vital energy. A facial can be a benchmark for this energetic switch, allowing the body to feel nourished especially with the use of essential oils and supportive herbs. Here are a few of my favourites to include and be on the look out during the spring season:

1. Nettle – Topically acts as an anti-inflammatory, is high in anti oxidants and is anti bacterial. Nettles are a source of iron, use those young leaves in teas or soups to help build and purify your blood. To use the leaves for topical preparations on the skin, steep leaves in boiled water (the longer the better) and mix the liquid with your mask!

2. Coltsfoot - Topically reduces inflammation, is high in anti oxidants and rejuvenation properties. Parts of the plant used are the yellow flower and stem. It is the first medicinal flower of the new growing season. Internally it benefits the respiratory system, boosts immune function and helps calm allergies.

3. Cleavers - Excellent due to its cooling properties, for treating skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, seborrhoea, acne and boils. If a skin infection occurs make a skin poultice by mixing crushed fresh or dried cleavers with water, just enough to form a paste consistency. Place on the infection after the area has been cleansed for 10 min. Can repeat 3x per day until the infection subsides. *Make sure to consult a doctor if experiencing a fever or discomfort due to infection. This recommendation is for minor skin irritants like those listed above.

4. Dandelion – Amazing detoxifier. Helps nourish the skin and aids acne conditions, itchiness, eczema, and warts. Excellent tonic for the liver and lymphatic system. In the spring, use the young green leaves.

A few additional seasonal transition skin care recommendations include: – Drink plenty of water – Mask often – Facial steams – Stretch and move your body!

xx Guest Contributor Bree Hyland | BARRE Fragrance and Skincare |

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