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Spend $75 and receive a free 30ml Cleanser


We are launching a new Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate this week so we've asked Julie to tell us what makes this new spot serum different and who should be using it.

"I've been using our new spot serum in our facials for the past 12 months and have seen amazing results!

I love our Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum but was finding a lot of people were over-using it.

I started experimenting with turmeric essential oil and was blown away by its gentle power. It is one of the most amazing anti-inflammatories available! It will reduce redness, irritation, infection and calm the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. It truly does have super healing powers!

I then started experimenting with infusing organic jojoba oil with powerful herbs that help promotes and improve the skins natural ability to heal. The Advanced Botanical Complex was born. With a desire to use plants that are easily grown in Canada, I combined Calendula, Comfrey and Plantain with Gotu Kola."

Our advanced botanical complex is a concentrated blend of 4 powerhouse herbs with superior healing ability: Plantain, Comfrey, Gotu Kola and Calendula. These high performing botanicals have been used for hundreds of years to nourish and repair the skin. They support the skin by boosting its natural healing abilities, as well as reducing inflammation, scar tissue, wrinkles and irritation. Nourish, calm and heal your skin to reveal your clearest complexion.

Our two unique spot serums are both tailored for different skin concerns + forms of acne. Our original formula quickly became a favourite among clientele with oily + acne prone skin. After years of experimenting on many different skins, Julie decided a more gentle + nourishing spot serum is needed for sensitive skins that are still experiencing forms of acne, especially cystic pimples.

The Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum is great for clients whiteheads, infected pimples, ingrown hairs and stubborn scars. It is a powerful healing agent for bug bites as well! *Avoid using this product during pregnancies.

Our new Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate is great for clients with cystic pimples, irritated + inflamed acne blemishes and redness. It is a gentle yet effective healing treatment that is safe for sensitive skins.

Still don't know which spot serum is best for you? Stop by our new Storefront located at 1518 Dundas St West in Toronto and ask for a sample of our spot serums - or better yet, book a treatment at our organic skincare clinic and have an experienced holistic aesthetician outline a healthy new skincare regimen including one of our coveted clear skin products.

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    Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate

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    Our concentrated blend of superior botanicals targets the appearance of spots for a brighter, revitalized complexion. Why it's special: It purifie...

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