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ENJOY 25% OFF* for all orders over $100+ | FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 to CANADA AND US

Active Ingredient | Wild Canadian Blueberries

Natural antioxidants are found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants help protect us from disease and age-related health risks. Everyday our bodies are fighting against free radicals - unstable oxygen molecules that wreck havoc on our health. Insufficient antioxidant levels lead to free radical build up and the association of accelerated aging, skin related concerns and many other common ailments.

Wild Blueberries are particularly high in anthocyanin - an impressive flavonoid that harnesses immense antioxidant capabilities and gives blueberries their deep blue hue. This super-nutrient has the power to neutralize free radical damage, improve cell function, reduce inflammation and impart a natural glow to our skin.

One cup of wild blueberries contains more antioxidant properties than 20 other common fruits and vegetables. It is important to note that wild blueberries contain twice the antioxidants of cultivated blueberries. They are also high in Vitamins A, C and E. Consuming wild blueberries in high amounts during their peak season will stimulate collagen + elastin production, prevent premature aging, reduce sun damage and rejuvenate youthful skin cells. The effects are similar when applied topically - try this DIY face mask recipe below!

Super-Antioxidant Blueberry Mask

1 tablespoon fresh, organic wild blueberries, mashed
2-3 teaspoons Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask
1/2 teaspoon local, organic raw honey

1. By hand, or in a small blender/processor, blend the blueberries and add 1-2 teaspoons water if needed.
2. In a small bowl, combine all ingredients.
3. Mix together with your fingers until it is the perfect consistency.
4. Apply it to a clean face + neck with your fingers, or a mask brush (any leftover mask will last up to 5 days in your fridge).
5. Relax with the mask on. You can leave this mask on for 10-15 minutes - take it off just before it is completely dry.
*To prevent this mask from drying completely on the skin, apply a thin layer of face balm or face serum before applying the mask. This adds hydration and prevents irritation or redness when removing the mask.
Remove mask with a damp face cloth. Follow with your favourite serum and/or moisturizer/face balm.

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