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A Fantastic Review of our Hydrating Facial by Life in Blush

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And then there were two skin gurus...

Now, I have told you about the magical wonder of Province Apothecary and founder / skin guru Julie Clark many a time.

The calming interior, the fluffy blanket that cocoons you in love during your treatment, custom facials using homemade masks to suit your skins needs and wildcrafted, organic skin products have people exclaiming “it’ll change your life!” every single time.

Every. single. time.

I’ve been friends with Julie and actively using her products and treatments for two years now and couldn’t believe in her business more. So, when she hired someone new to help her out I of course couldn’t wait to see who she was!

I went to see Cassandra for a hydrating facial just before Christmas last year and she was the perfect extension of, and compliment to, the brand personality Julie is working to build.

She immediately put me at ease and then expertly went to work feng shui’ing my skin with the Province Apothecary products I love so well, like the regenerating + stimulating exfolirator and moisturizing + cleansing makeup remover.

Cassandra began her aesthetic career in 2010 and from the beginning she specialized in facial + eyebrow treatments while working as a Makeup Artist for beauty, tv and film. Passionate about holistic health she began formulating her own products and healing herself of her personal health issues (my kind of lady!).

Having knowledge of both the synthetic plus natural health and beauty industries, Cassandra certainly knows, and can speak to, the power of using natural, organic raw materials as opposed to synthetic, toxic products. She can basically answer any question you have!

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Case in point, when I stopped by to take photos there was a bag of groceries on one of the tables and both Julie and Cassandra were excited to tell me why carrots, ginger and kale were so amazing for you and how they incorporate the oils into their products.

Carrots, ginger, kale should be part of your diet on a weekly basis to have healthier skin. Carrots are amazing for regeneration and carrot seed oil is used in our hydrating serum as well as the custom serums; ginger is great for the body as it stimulates blood flow and helps get rid of scarring.

You can book a custom, hydrating or maintenance facial with Cassandra here and see how her treatment, and custom blends will

Oh and when you’re there don’t forget to check out their latest products that I heart so much!

If you’ve tried out one of Cassandra’s facial’s let me know if the comments what you thought, or if you’re planning to book one come back later and let me know how it went!

To read the full article here please visit: Life In Blush

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