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Our Eco-friendly Alternative to Plastic Microbeads!

We are excited to hear that plastic microbeads are on their way to being banned in Canada!
With that being said, we need your help to finalize this movement and ban the use of plastic microbeads faster. Every moment counts.

Please visit the link below and sign the petition!

Tell the federal government to ban microbeads

Why are we asking this of you?

These small beads are used in many of our personal care products, and this is a HUGE source of unnecessary plastic pollution. The beads are washed down our drains and sent into our water systems, where they continuously harm our environment and aquatic life. Fish mistake these plastic beads as food, and the plastic fills their bellies making them feel full - yet they are starving to death. The microbeads absorb toxins like the ever popular DDT and thus the fish we harvest to eat contain these toxins, passing them onto us while we eat. This is a huge concern for our personal health, as well as the preservation of our aquatic life and our environment.

Many of us are unaware of the ingredients in our personal care products. It’s important to read labels and understand what we are putting on our skin. The skin is our largest organ - absorbing and expelling toxins - and what we use topically is just as important as what we ingest internally.

The silver lining:

This problem is 100% solvable. There are many natural alternatives available to consumers who are looking to clean up their beauty routine. Choose eco-friendly natural personal care products to support this movement. Make sure to read and understand labels. If you don’t know what a particular ingredient is - look it up! There are many great resources out there to help you further your knowledge.

A great application for smart phones has been invented to help you shop smarter and pick green beauty products easier. Use the Think Dirty app to scan a product’s barcode and it will show you how ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ that product is! It highlights ingredients and provides useful information in a convenient and simple layout.

Our sustainable, natural, organic exfoliant:

Our Founder Julie Clark has created an amazing alternative to exfoliants containing the nasty microbeads.

We use organic plant based ingredients in our Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask: Oats, Green Tea, Lentils, Violet Flowers, Flax and Lavender Flowers gently slough away dead skin cells, promote cell turnover and impart a youthful glow. It’s calming, healing and anti-aging properties make it great for all skin types. All ingredients are safe and effective. We recommend using it every 3 days for optimal results.

Shop Our Exfoliator

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