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ENJOY 15% OFF SELECT PRODUCTS | Free Shipping on Orders over $50 to Canada and the U.S.

3 Ways To Kickstart Your New Year Detox | By Kaia Naturals

As hard as it is to believe, the holiday season is just around the corner. For many, this means falling off the healthy eating wagon and slacking on workout routines, because who can resist sugar cookies?

Here’s the good news — you don't have to give those up! We have three easy ways to kick-start your detox before the holidays, without cutting out your favourite holiday treats!


Switching to a natural, charcoal deodorant is an easy change that makes a great difference for your body.

Antiperspirants, which contain toxic ingredients, including aluminum – block pores, thereby preventing you from sweating. This also traps toxins within the body! By switching to natural deodorant, your pores are free to breathe. Take the 30 day challenge of detoxing your underarms by using the takesumi detox charcoal deodorant!

Don’t know where to start with natural deodorant? The NEW kaia naturals takesumi detox charcoal underarm detox kit has everything you need to make the transition to natural deodorant easy and odor-free.

Available here:


Don’t just detox from the inside, detox from the outside too! Detox your skin so it glows this holiday season!

Dry brushing is a hidden gem in the detoxing world and is amazing for treating dull, congested skin. It works by stimulating your lymphatic system and expelling waste and toxin build up.

The best part about dry brushing? It’s super easy! Just take it from Province Apothecary founder Julie, who dry brushes her face daily. "Facial Dry Brushing is my favourite morning ritual to effectively detoxify and wake up my face. It takes less than 1 minute to do and the benefits are endless.”

Ready for glowing skin all year long? Try Province Apothecary’s NEW Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush and pair it with our toner and serum.

Your skin will be brighter, toned and detoxified!

*PRO TIP: It’s important that you dry brush first thing in the morning (on dry skin) to kick-start the body’s natural lymphatic detoxification system that has been asleep all night.


There’s no better way to detoxify your insides than with matcha!

Made with high levels of chlorophyll, Matcha works to eliminate unwanted toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from your body. It’s also great for reducing stress, increasing energy levels and boosting memory and concentration!

Want to give it a try? Matcha Ninja powders make trying Matcha easy (and delicious)! Simply add some to your water bottle and shake.

Or, if you’re feeling something warm, try a matcha latte:


½ cup hot water
½ cup organic almond/ coconut milk
1/2 tsp Matcha Ninja
1 tbsp honey, maple syrup, or stevia to taste (optional)


1 Measure ½ tsp Matcha Ninja to cup

2 Next, add small amount of warm water to matcha and stir to form espresso like base

3 Add 1/2 cup hot (not boiling) water to your mug filled with Matcha

4 Add sweetener

5 Heat & froth your milk

6 Add your heated milk

Available here:

Happy detoxing!

Kaia Naturals is a Toronto wellness brand creating natural and minimalist products that benefit busy people. Made with non-toxic ingredients that aid sensitive skin and remove toxins and impurities, our products allow you to cleanse and detoxify with peace of mind.


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