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4 Steps to Feeling Better in your Body with Non-Diet Nutritionist Fran Allen

It can be really hard to feel good in your body sometimes, especially if you're stuck at home, scrolling through social media. With the pressure of valentine's day around the corner, I thought I would share my top tips for feeling better in your body right now. It’s important to take care of yourself and feel good in your body without feeling the need to change or improve. Feeling good is for all bodies no matter what shape or size. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Cut Out Comparison
In order to feel better in your body it’s important to let go of the comparison trap and to unfollow the accounts that don't serve you. Get rid of the before and after photos, celebrities ‘perfect bodies’, the aunt who’s always posting about her latest diet or any account that makes you feel like sh*t, you know the ones!

Then, I want you to follow accounts that feature a variety of bodies, some that look like yours and some that don’t. Following a variety of body types and perspectives opens your mind to the possibility that yes, all bodies are beautiful and that health is available at every size! We are so lucky that not everybody looks the same, it’s a gift and it’s freaking amazing!

Show Yourself Gratitude
When we get wrapped up in negative feelings about our bodies, it can be hard to see the good parts of ourselves. We can often take our amazing attributes and abilities that make us unique for granted. Take a moment each day to give yourself some gratitude and write down a few of the things you like about yourself! This might be uncomfortable at first but that’s okay! Take it slow and know that the more you do this, the easier it will be.

Wear What Feels Good
Wearing comfortable clothes is a game changer for feeling better in your skin. When clothes don’t feel comfortable, they can often lead us to feel overly aware of our bodies and spiral self conscious thoughts. Donate, sell, trade or re-work the clothes that don’t work for you and invest in some feel good staples. Luckily there are plenty of options available in a wide variety of sizes online these days and you can also opt for used items if budget is a concern. Places like Poshmark and Instagram are great places to start looking!

Give Yourself Some TLC
Taking time to prioritize self care can be a good place to start when wanting to feel better in your body. Treating yourself the way you want to be treated is important for building confidence and setting boundaries. Try setting time aside for yourself each week to give yourself some TLC. Try making yourself a meal you love or having a warm bath, massaging yourself with body oil is a great way to practice self care and intimacy. Try adding our Radiant Bath and Body Oil to feel good in you skin and practice self-care.

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