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what dry lips could be telling you

Have you noticed lately that you're going through that lip balm way too fast, but your lips are still quite dry and chapped? It may be time to look inwards for a solution. Dry lips can be a sign that the body is dehydrated, especially your digestive system. As our body consists of 70% water, it's so important that we're consuming enough to keep our skin happy and our body and mind functioning at their best.

You may think that you're drinking enough, although some causes of dehydration to consider might not be entirely obvious at first. Dehydration can stem from the most obvious, simply not drinking enough pure water, but if you happen to be on any diuretic medications, eat a high protein or high sugar diet, exercise frequently, are stressed, and consume alcohol or coffee regularly, you likely need to increase your water intake.

A simple way to find out if you're drinking enough water each day is to divide your body weight (in pounds) by 2, and then drink that many ounces throughout the day. The most important thing is not to stress too much about drinking the exact right amount, but just that you're making it more of a regular habit.

Some simple tips to get more water into your routine are:

Make it fun. Get your favourite glass, a sippy straw, even a wine glass -something that's fun or beautiful to drink out of.

Add some flavour. Add fresh squeezed lemon, orange, kiwi, or cucumber slices, berries, fresh sprigs of rosemary or mint.

Make it a habit. When you go to brush your teeth in the morning, also pour yourself a glass of water. When you have a cup of coffee or glass of wine, double fist it with a glass of water. Get into the habit of keeping water handy and connected with your daily routine.

Once you increase your hydration, not only will you be able to spread out that jar of lip balm for a little longer, you'll also notice an increase in your energy levels, mood, possibly even better digestion and less overall skin flare ups.

Cheers to H2O!

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