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Daily Affirmations for Self-Love and Acceptance

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Taking the time to practice not only loving others, but loving yourself, is one of the most important things you can do to create a healthy mind and body. With the demands of life, from going to work, or school, or taking care of a family, and balancing a social life, we can often forget that we need to take care of ourselves as well. Our bodies and minds are truly amazing so remember to give yourself the love you deserve, and to love the skin you're in.

If you don't know where to start, follow the list of affirmations below to help guide you to more positive and caring thoughts. You can pick and choose whichever ones resonate most with you and begin incorporating them into your thoughts each and every day, as reminders that you are beautiful, just the way you are!

1. I love and approve of myself just the way I am.

2. I release the self-hatred and forgive myself for holding onto it.

3. I love and accept my body and my height, my weight, and all my curves.

4. I love and adore my face, my features, my wrinkles, my nose, my ears and my hair.

5. I release all the negative thoughts about my body and my face and replace them with love.

6. I treat myself with gentle loving kindness at all times.

7. I trust my inner voice and my intuition to show me the way.

8. I release all the doubt and insecurities I felt about myself.

9. I let go of all the dreadful thoughts about myself one at a time.

10. I wake up to a new day to love and accept myself.

11. I love and believe in the person that lives in my body and carries me through the day.

12. I am strong and healthy and can take good care of myself.

13. I forgive myself for the way I treated me in the past.

14. I rely on my inner compass to guide me through difficult times.

15. I am caring and loving to myself at all times.

16. I am worthy of my own love and affection and today is a great time to start.

17. I feel a new exciting beginning in the relationship with myself.

18. I accept and forgive all my mistakes, all my failures and all my regrets.

19. I let go of the negative ill will and resentment I felt toward myself and others.

20. I end each day with a shower of love and kindness for myself.

21. I feel no hatred for others as I melt away all the self-hatred toward me.

22. I stop the self-sabotage and self-pity I feel toward myself.

23. I embrace my work, my results, and all of my accomplishments.

24. I revoke the permission to ever hurt and criticize myself again.

25. I walk peacefully into the day trusting myself with all that comes my way.

26. I believe in my ability to guide myself in the right direction.

27. I have complete faith in my decisions and trust in all my actions.

28. I make smart choices that lead me to joy and happiness.

29. I am worthy of joy and happiness and love.

30. I love the person I am as well as the one I am becoming.

31. I let go of judgement and fill the empty space with love and understanding.

32. I am gentle and kind with myself and recover from mistakes gracefully.

33. I am getting better and wiser every day.

34. I am a unique gift to this world and delight in sharing this gift.

35. I am one only but even one person can be a force of change and good.

36. I release all the self-hatred and flow freely toward self-love.

xx Whitney

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