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The Art of Manifesting

How to Manifest

The end of a year is a natural time to reflect on the past year and make plans for what we want in the new year. One magical way to do this is by manifesting. Manifesting, also known as the law of attraction, or even setting an intention, is the act of helping to visualize a dream into our life. When we want something, making it known to the universe can align with our dreams and make them happen.

If you have something that you want to manifest for yourself (really, who doesn’t?), here are a few tips to clearly and effectively ask the universe for what you want.

Sit quietly and visualize.

What do you want for yourself? How do you want your life to feel? Really think about this question on an embodied level. For example, how do you want to feel in your body? How do you wan to feel mentally and emotionally? Is there something that you want? Is there something that you no longer want? A healthy habit that you want to add? An unhealthy habit that you want to stop? Don’t be shy or afraid. Don’t think too hard. You can put thoughts and words to it later.

Be clear.

Be clear. It helps to put it in a language that the universe understands. The universe responds to pictures and feelings, so it’s important to visualize yourself and the way that your desire makes you feel, as though it is already happening. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you would visualize yourself as a non-smoker, and all the ways that life is different: waking up and feeling how easy it is to breathe, being able to exercise without getting winded, having more time and money… really, all the feelings and details will help you to feel what it’s like to already have what you want. Make it so real to yourself that when you visualize what you want, you get the fuzzy feelings.

Make it happen.

And now your dream gets ready to come true. Right? Kind of.

There’s one more, very important thing that many of us forget when we’re manifesting our dreams. And that is creating an environment that supports our dream. Say you’ve put it out there that you want to have a boost in your career, but you’re not doing anything about it. You’re not doing anything to create the right environment for this new career to manifest.

In essence, the work we do every day, combined with our dreams, can lead to magic. It just takes a little planning and a little work. I’ve created a guide to help you do just that. Hop on over to my site,, and sign up for the newsletter and get an immediate download of the guidebook.

By guest writer Andrea Sarjeant

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