NEW Full Brow Serum + Giveaway!!! January 15 2016

We are excited to launch our new FULL BROW SERUM for everyone looking to achieve naturally beautiful brows!

Brows have quickly become popular in the media + beauty industries, as clients are looking to revert back to their natural shape, contrary to the thin and overly-tweezed arches of the past (90's anyone?). 

Our Full Brow Serum is specifically formulated to encourage the growth of healthier, fuller-looking brows. Blended with powerful and active pure botanical extracts and anti-oxidants, this Serum helps strengthen and condition skin while stimulating hair growth and deepening hair colour. Use daily to achieve fuller, more healthy looking brows with less breakage.
Use morning and night for best results. Shake Well. After cleansing, massage 1-2 drops of serum into dampened eyebrows for 10-20 seconds to ensure deep absorption.

We have teamed up with HERMES HIPPIE to offer our clients an amazing giveaway! 

Here's what you have to do to enter:
1. Follow @thehermeshippie + @provinceapothecary on Instagram
2. Comment on our giveaway Instagram photo 
Winner will be announced (by Hermes Hippie) Tomorrow! (Saturday January 16, 2016)

Highlighted Ingredients

Castor Oil is a classic ingredient favourite for it’s ability to stimulate hair growth. It’s rich oleic acid content helps increase circulation to the brow and improve hair growth. Castor oil is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids. The antioxidants in castor oil also support the keratin in hair making it stronger, fuller and smoother.

Coffee naturally activates + enriches . The acidity of coffee smoothes the cuticle of the hair, giving it extra shine while adding a rich depth to hair colour. Caffeine activates blood flow enriching over plucked and weakened hair follicles.