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A Community Letter

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on the ways in which white privilege is interwoven in Province Apothecary + the wellness industry at large. My team and I are deep in the self-reflection process. We are dedicated to finding sustainable, long term solutions for supporting BIPOC in our company, community + industry.

Internally, our team has begun open, roundtable discussions to develop these long term solutions. We vow to meet regularly to discuss how to make our team, environment, hiring protocol, partnerships, marketing, products, treatments, spaces, + industry more equitable + accessible. As the CEO, I know this change starts with me. I am committed to doing this work.

Here are our short term commitments to supporting the BLM movement:

  • 5% of June sales will be donated to Afri Can FoodBasket + Black Women in Motion
  • This Pride weekend, we will be donating an additional 5% of sales to a Black-led LGBTQ+ initiative
  • We will continue to use our platform to amplify BIPOC voices in the wellness industry + beyond

I am ready, able + willing to be held accountable. As CEO, I commit to continuing this conversation, + providing transparency as to what our long term commitments look like + how we reached those decisions.

We are ready to do better in true allyship with BIPOC communities.

Afri Can FoodBasket

The Afri-Can FoodBasket is a community based non-profit organization that has been at the forefront of championing Food Justice and Food Sovereignty for Toronto’s African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) community since 1995. They are committed to enhancing the nutrition, health, employment and food access needs of the ACB community, in particular those who are economically and socially vulnerable.

Black Women in Motion

Black Women in Motion is a Toronto-based, youth-led organization that empowers and supports the advancement of Black womxn and survivors of sexual violence. We work within an anti-racist, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed and survivor-centred framework to create culturally-relevant content, educational tools, healing spaces and economic opportunities for Black womxn.

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