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Creating an Intimate and Arousing Space at Home

One part of libido and intimacy that is often overlooked is feeling comfortable and safe in your space. While living in lockdown these days, it can be difficult to get in the mood when your bedroom now doubles as a classroom or office. Creating a sacred space is one of the most important steps for practicing intimacy and enhancing any sexual encounter. Here are a few tips from us to create an intimate and arousing space to get you in the mood.

Clear out the clutter
When we tidy our space, remove the dust bunnies and dirty socks, we set a tone that opens our space up for new experiences. I highly recommend setting the mood by putting things away and making your bed. You’ll notice you feel mentally lighter and less distracted by your environment.

Sensual scents
Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to get in the mood. Essential oils like Rose, Cedar, Sandalwood or Patchouli can help to transform your space and get you in the mood. Try using our Cedarwood Essential Oil Incense or our Lover's Massage Oil to help get you space smelling great and get you in the mood.

Mind the music
Music can trigger different moods and really heighten emotions. So you definitely don't want the TV on in the background when you're making your moves. You also don't want to be interrupted by a text, call or notification to take you out of the moment. Be mindful and turn off your electronic devices that aren't going to contribute soothing sounds or enhance the moment. Eliminating distractions helps you focus on each other and more accurately read each other's bodies.

Update the lighting
Sometimes this so-called “flattering” lighting can help with feeling present to enjoy the moment, and that extends to more than the bedroom. Switching up lighting in the kitchen for dinner, during a bath or in the bedroom helps to keep us feeling calm and connected. Lighting can be a means for enhancing the mood in any sort of romantic-leaning situation.

You have a range of options to create intimate and romantic lighting that involves simple updates to your existing situation. Set the mood by changing your lightbulb to a red or diffused colour to instantly change the lighting. Try lighting candles, using a salt rock lamp or even toss a silk scarf over a lampshade to soften the light.

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