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DIY Holiday Gifts: Aromatherapy Candles by Cassandra Bradshaw

Making your own all natural candles can be a very rewarding hobby. Not only do you get complete control of exactly what is going into the candle you’re burning in your home, you also get the joy of giving lovely handmade gifts to your pals. These candles can sit in a temperate area until you’re ready to use or gift them. You'll want to use pure organic ingredients to ensure the best possible quality. Below I’ve listed some of my favourite essential oil blends, but feel free to get creative with your sense of smell and share any of your favourite blends in our comments!

You will need:

- Organic soy wax flakes *

- Organic essential oil(s) *

- Candle wicks + fasteners (I used wood/rope wicks + metal fasteners)

- Super glue

- Double boiler

- Glass measuring cup (4 cups or larger)

- Wooden spoon

- Vessels for your candles... i repurposed some things around our home, such as: glass jars, ceramic pots, mugs

* The soy wax flakes will melt down to half their size. A good rule is to choose your vessels and fill them 3/4 full - twice - with the soy wax to get the perfect amount.

* 15ml of essential oil per 1lb of wax is a good reference for a balanced, subtle scent. Depending on the aroma of the essential oils you choose you can use less or more based on your scent preference.


  1. Lay out everything you will be using and make sure all utensils are clean and dry
  2. Start by attaching your wicks to the bottom of your vessels. I used a small dot of super glue on the bottom of my metal fastener and gently placed it on the bottom of the jar/mug/etc directly in the middle. It should adhere completely in about 2 minutes.
  3. Begin boiling water and putting all of your soy wax flakes in the top bowl of your double boiler
  4. It will take about 5-10min for your wax to completely melt. Resist the urge to constantly stir it, instead stir it every few minutes.
  5. Once the wax has melted fully, carefully pour it into your glass measuring cup.
  6. Wait 2 minutes for the wax to slightly cool down before adding your essential oils. Once you add the essential oils to the wax, gently stir to combine.
  7. Pour scented melted wax into your vessels, filling 3/4 of the way.
  8. Find a safe spot to place your candles for 1 week to cure.
  9. Before lighting, trim the wick to about 1/4” above the wax.
  10. Enjoy!

You want to wait at least a week before lighting your candles, or else the scent will not be fully developed. You’ll notice a difference from sniffing the candle immediately after it hardens compared to a week later, even without lighting it. Patience is key!

I recommend using 1-4 different essential oils for your candles. Here are some of my favourite combinations for the winter season:

“Winter Walk”

Balsam fir + Cypress + Pine + Peppermint

“Spiced Kitchen”

Sweet Orange + Ginger + Cardamom

“Holiday Hug”

Cedarwood + Eucalyptus + Clary Sage

“Bright Bouquet”

Geranium + Lavender + Ylang Ylang + Bergamot


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