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DIY Surface Cleaner

By Cassandra Bradshaw

With all this extra at-home time, many of us are giving our spaces extra thought, attention + TLC. Using some common household staples, our Holistic Skin Therapist + Certified Aromatherapist, Cassandra Bradshaw, put together a beautiful recipe for a DIY all-purpose cleaner. This is a great soapy cleaner that eats away at stuck-on residue + is safe for any surface. Lemon + clove essential oils were thoughtfully chosen for their anti-bacterial properties. The light, citrusy scent instantly uplifts your space + is gentle on all surfaces, your body + the environment.

This cleaner is effective at cleaning many surfaces including counter tops, appliances, cupboards, fridge, sinks etc.

You will need:
- 2 cups distilled water
- 2 tbsp castile soap
- 15 drops organic lemon essential oil + 1 drop organic clove essential oil
- 16oz glass spray bottle

1. Pour water into spray bottle, add soap + essential oils.
2. Close the lid and shake to mix ingredients together.

To Use:
- Gently shake the spray bottle before use
- Spray the cleaner, wipe surface with a damp cloth to evenly distribute cleaner
- Let sit a minute on surface
- Remove all traces of cleaner with a new damp cloth

Organic lemon essential oil contains around 15% Y-Terpinene which is anti-bacterial + anti-viral. Organic clove essential oil contains about 90% Eugenol with strong bactericidal properties. Clove is extremely potent, which is why it is added in such a low dilution for this recipe. Lemon is safe to use, while being uplifting + refreshing when inhaled.

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