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Dry Lips? We Have You Covered! Why We Have Dry Lips and How to Make Them Smooth Again.

Our first instinct to treat dry lips is to lick them, right? This only leads to more dryness and irritability! To understand how to treat dry lips, we must understand the true cause of this dehydration is essential in healing from the inside-out!

Weather plays an important role when it comes to our skin, in the winter our skin becomes chapped and cracked- in the summer we are exposed to the sun which can lead to damaged skin. It becomes hard to maintain hydrated skin during these times, so we suggest always layering in extra hydration in the colder months and extra sunscreen and skin protection! Our lips can also suffer from sun exposure, believe it or not. They can burn and blister and need just as much protection than the rest of our skin! 

Weather is not always the reason behind dry, dull lips! It is possible that there are a few underlying reasons like hydration, diet and internal balances, or even low stomach acid. These issues cause dry lips commonly start in the digestive tract, as our body pulls water away from other parts when we are dehydrated. To fight dehydration, it is important to add electrolytes to your water or even try coconut water! 

Heartburn is the worst, and this can also be an underlying factor as to why you have dry, chapped lips.  There is a gate between the stomach and esophagus which should always remain closed (except when eating). When our stomachs produce enough acid, this “gate” can close. Many think heartburn stems from high stomach acid, but it’s the opposite! Low stomach acid causes the “gate” to stay open after eating, which produces excessive saliva while we sleep at night. This can lead to dry and cracked lips in the morning. One way to reduce heartburn and increase stomach acid is to practice mindfulness prior to each meal! When we take a moment to think about our food, - our stomachs release acid, which primes us for optimal digestion. We also recommend consuming something bitter 10-15 minutes before you eat- anything from lemon water in the morning to apple cider vinegar at night! 

Food! Yes, Food. This plays a role in your stomach acid and digestive tract. Consuming foods that nourish the TCM spleen- this means warm cooked foods, broths, stews, and warming spices like ginger and turmeric. Foods that can damage the TCM spleen are typically colder foods, like raw salads, fruits, and dairy products! Lastly, an important aspect of keeping our skin and lips well hydrated is to consume high quality fats- fish oils, coconut oils. These help to moisturize the intestines, leading to reduced inflammation and boosted hydration! Fish oil can easily be added to your diet as a daily supplement, or you can even add coconut oil to your morning coffee! 

We hope that these few simple steps help you in your journey to smooth lips! We highly recommend that you use our Repairing + Conditioning Lip Balm, which is loaded with our special blend of rich plant-based oils that soothe and nourish the lips, providing long-lasting benefits without feeling sticky or greasy! Made with Lavender Oil, Beeswax, and Peppermint Leaf Oil- our lip balm not only tastes amazing but harnesses the healing benefits of our plant-powered ingredients!

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