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Everyday Aphrodisiacs to Add to Your Diet

‘Tis the season of love but sometimes it can be hard to feel that spark. Here are some foods to naturally support a healthy libido and a few things that may be killing yours.

What is an aphrodisiac?
An aphrodisiac is traditionally a food, herb, beverage, a scent, that causes excitement, creates pleasure, or instills a sense of sexual desire. Basically this is anything that gets you feeling good and in the mood. Today we will be focusing on foods and herbs you can incorporate into your diet regularly to help support a healthy libido long-term.

This fruit was one of the most famous aphrodisiac foods in the ancient Aztec times. Even the avocado tree was called “Ahuacatl” which translates to “testicle tree.” They’re also packed with healthy fats, fiber and vitamin E, which is associated with fertility for both sexes. Eating avocado regularly can help stimulate your sex drive over time.

Pure, dark chocolate has a centuries old reputation as an aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which stimulates the same hormone your body releases during sex. It also sparks dopamine production in the brain. Look for chocolate with higher cacao concentrations for best results.

While your morning coffee might not get you in the mood, the scent of freshly brewed coffee was found to be a major turn on for women in a study. The caffeine in coffee helps to boost heart rate and increases blood flow, while its alkaloids can help to maintain sexual performance and increase stamina. In addition to all of this, our first sip of coffee can give us a rush of dopamine, the feel good neurotransmitter which may help get you in the mood.

The seeds of this delicious and juicy fruit aids in improving blood flow and are believed to enhance genital sensitivity. They’re rich in antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C to help increase sensitivity and support healthy hormone balance. Try adding these seeds to salads, smoothie bowls or enjoy by the handful.

Figs have long been prized as a sensual food for their resemblance of the female sex organs. The ancient Greeks valued figs more precious than gold and many cultures associated figs with fertility. Figs are rich in amino acids which helps to support hormone health. Figs are a great way to engage in sensuality and mindful eating, their rich fragrance, colour, shape and texture all seem to hint at romance when consumed.

Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor. Honey contains boron, which may regulate hormone levels, and nitric oxide, which is released in the blood during arousal. Intake of organic raw honey aids in testosterone production, which further increases sexual desire for both men and women. Honey is also a symbol of fertility and procreation in some cultures.

Foods like oysters, mussels, scallops and shrimp are rich in vitamins A, E and B, which accelerate nerve impulse transmission, including sexual arousal time. They are also rich in fatty acids and minerals like selenium and zinc. These improve sex drive by helping to encourage hormone balance and supporting the nervous system.

3 Things That Can Dampen Your Libido

Not feeling in the mood, it happens from time to time. Here are some things that may be contributing to your lack of lust these days.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
Studies have shown that lack of sleep can have an effect on sex drive for both men and women. In men, it can reduce testosterone levels and in women it can create difficulty engaging in sex and reaching orgasm. If things haven’t been happening, check your sleep schedule and aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Not Getting Enough Sun
There is some scientific evidence that seems to relate to the increase in summer flings. When we’re exposed to sunlight our bodies naturally create more Vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for hormone balance and sex drive in both men and women. Men with low levels of Vitamin D struggle more with erectile dysfunction and women with low Vitamin D reported lower sexual desire and orgasmic function. Aim to get 20 minutes of exposed sunshine each day to improve vitamin D levels or consider supplementing in the darker, winter months.

Not Getting Enough Fiber
Making sure to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps to improve sexual function. These foods contain various sources of fiber that helps to improve hormone balance, gut health and mood. For men making sure to get adequate fiber each day helps to improve testosterone levels and sexual function. For women fiber helps to improve estrogen levels that can improve sex drive, PMS symptoms and bone density. Making sure to eat a variety of foods helps to encourage adequate fiber for good health and sexual function.

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