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FUNDAMENTALS | Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover

What is Oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing is an ancient skin cleansing method that dates as far back as Cleopatra’s Egypt. A specific blend of oils, chosen for their benefits, are used to massage the skin to break down and remove dirt, oil and makeup.

Oil vs. Soap

The fundamental difference between soap and oil is how they affect the skin. Soap cleansers may cause imbalance leading to dry skin, or acne. Soap strips your skin of its natural oils and disturbs the microbiome that keep the skin protected and nourished. You know that feeling of your skin feeling tight after you wash it? That is a sign of skin that has been stripped. Oil cleans the skin, without stripping it. Oil is also more efficient at breaking down excess oil, makeup and dirt. Many of the oils that we use in our Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover mimic the structure of the sebum our skin produces. For oily to normal skin types, an oil cleanser can help the sebum glands to stop over-producing and clogging pores. For dry skin types, an oil cleanser can help replenish and retain hydration.

When to use it?

You can oil cleanse your face and neck in the morning when you wake up and in the evening. If your skin feels comfortable when waking up it means it’s balanced and you may not need the morning cleanse. We also recommend doing a double cleanse in the evening, especially if you wear makeup and if you live in the city. That second cleanse will make sure that your skin is clean, breathing and ready for a good night's rest.

How to use our Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover:

Prep the skin by dampening it with water. Add some water to the cleanser and warm it up between your palms. Apply to the face and neck using our Natural Facelift Ritual movements.

Run a face cloth under warm water (never hot) and gently remove the excess product.

Three Main Benefits:

Balance your skin: Oil cleansing allows you to cleanse without stripping or drying out the skin. It is the gentlest method of cleansing that helps all skin types stay balanced and hydrated through all the seasonal changes.

Oil cleansing will give you a natural glow. Oil cleansing goes hand in hand with massage. Giving your skin a daily massage is one of the best things you can do for your skin (next to wearing sunscreen everyday). Massage helps with circulation; it brings new blood to the skin and oxygenates skin cells. This helps even out your skin tone and dark circles, and gives the skin a renewed brightness.

Oil cleansing will help with various skin congestion. Blackheads, cystic acne, and inflammation are usually tied to stagnation in the skin. Again, massage is the key. Oil cleansing will help drain the lymph and circulate new blood, moving stagnant matter; it encourages cell turnover and healing.

Who it’s for?

Oil cleansing is great for all skin types and we recommended it for all skin types. If your skin is oily, dry or anything in between.

Advanced Techniques:

  1. Combine the Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover with our Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask for a luxurious and nourishing grain cleanse and exfoliation.
  2. Add 2 pumps to our Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask for a moisturizing boost to your clay mask, this is especially great in the winter.
  3. Our Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover can be used as a serum as well - pack it when you’re travelling to lighten your suitcase.



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