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enjoy 25% off with code friends | Free Shipping on Orders over $50 to Canada and the U.S.
enjoy 25% off with code friends | Free Shipping on Orders over $50 to Canada and the U.S.

Get the Province Apothecary Glow!

Nature's offerings for your everyday skincare ritual. Our 100% plant-powered skincare goes beyond effective organic ingredients; we pledge to help you feel good and look radiant, 365 days a year.

Follow our simple skincare routine for glowing skin, every day.

Step 1. Moisturizing Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover: Remove makeup +  pollution without drying your skin.

Step 2. Invigorating + Balancing Toner: Feed your skin vital water-soluble nutrients.

Step 3. Nourishing + Revitalizing Moisturizer: Activate collagen production while firming the skin. 

Step 4. Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum: A super shot of oil-soluble nutrients to deeply nourish and hydrate. 

Step 5: Vital Nutrient Face + Eye Balm: Reduce fine lines, wrinkles while minimizing the appearance of dark circles and eye bags. 

Step 6: Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller: The ultimate tool to reduce the appearance of aging and fine lines.


Our Mission

At Province Apothecary we create pure, effective products that benefit even the most sensitive complexions. Our mission is to produce the best skincare products using only high-quality, certified organic ingredients sourced from each of the Canadian provinces, and all over the world, that drive results you will notice in only a few days! We strive to help educate and empower you, our amazing customers, with the tools to take care of and feel beautiful in your skin every single day.

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