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Guide for the Organic Bride: Part 2 | Green Makeup & Self Care Tips from Natalie Matias

Photos by Gina Clyne

To be swept away by the beauty of love and want to create a union with another human on this earth is truly a sacred moment. A ceremony that could last a few breaths could take months in planning and organizing. Whether it be a large or intimate ceremony, addressing all the small necessary details could also make the experience a challenging time. Staying present will allow a bride to cherish every small moment that leads up to the ceremony. Moments that signify and reflect the love that unifies your being with another.

Here is a guide on how to maintain balance for the journey to the ceremony, on the love union day into the honeymoon. Ideas that offer opportunities for the bride to recenter, maintain health and find beauty in every moment; while having an eternal glow of love beaming from the inside out with the help of the best green beauty products!


Enhance your daily morning ritual by practicing the Province Apothecary Natural Face Lift with the PA Toner + Face Serum

Keep these crystals near by in times of confusion and unrest :

Fluorite // Neutralizes negative vibes, improves concentration, heightens intuition, assists with decision making and headaches

Blue Lace Agate // Soothing vibrational energies encourages relaxation and calms the nerves.

Rose Quartz or Emerald // Both these crystals activate the heart chakra. Small reminders of what all of these potentially stressful actions are for, to celebrate the presence of LOVE.

Province Apothecary offers Therapeutic Roll On’s in Uplift, Calm Down, Focus Now or Headache. Best thing to keep in your back pocket for an instant refresher to alleviate intense moments.

Fine tune any brow or lash details. Consider brow/lash tints available at PA or refining your brow shape and/or deciding if lash extensions or fake lashes are a want. Clients have been loving the Brow Serum to bring new life and fullness to brows naturally.

Give early attention to the health of your lips, offering added moisture in the morning and night. And if need be use a subtle, gentle exfoliator for the lips if they are flaking.

Play around with lip colours trying them out in different scenarios, live with them, eat with them and and kiss with them. Let the best shade/texture win.

Create a custom blend of aromatherapeutic oils, a personalized scent for you and/or your wedding party. To book please contact at

The LOVE UNION day...

Plan out the morning to have extra time for everything so the morning or afternoon comes with relaxation, simple presence and appreciation.

Start the day with a moment to yourself to ground yourself with a meditation, nature walk or yoga/pilates stretch.

Meditation : Make it Sacred Meditation by Live Awake

Lather your body with the Radiant Body Oil by PA after a lovely bath or shower. Allow time for oils to absorb into the skin.

Do the Natural Facelift Ritual to stimulate and reveal your skin’s natural glow. Prep with PA Toner + Serum/Moisturizer

Dedicate a little extra attention to every facial feature so the cameras can capture your exquisite being. These makeup gems vibrate on the same level of Province Apothecary Skincare; the following green beauty products will offer a hint of finesse for your photos but will keep you look true to your natural being.

From top to bottom ILIA Vivid Concealer and Lipstick Crayon in DRESS YOU UP, Alima Pure Satin Finishing Powder, Ecobrow Defining Wax, Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, Tata Harper Volumizing Cheek and Lip Tint in VERY NAUGHTY, Rituel De Fille Ash and Ember Soot in SIGIL, 100% Black Tea, PA INVIGORATING + BALANCING TONER, Kjaer WEIS in CLOUD NINE and GRACE. These products can be found at the Detox Market

Honour the beautiful passing moments and seal it with your custom perfume scent.


Minimize your makeup bag to essentials, with ILIA Vivid Concealer, Tatia Harper Volumizing Cheek and Lip Tint, and the Ecobrow Defining Wax.

Be religious with your favorite green sunscreen. Province Apothecary is a fan of Toronto Skincare Brand Consonant

Present a honeymooners gift to you and your man that includes a bottle of PA Sex Oil and a copy of “How to Have Great Sex Everyday” by renowned Gold Coast Sexologist Juliet Allen.

- For the past 15 years, Natalie Matias has rooted herself in the world of beauty within the television, media and wedding industries . Over time, her definition of beauty has expanded to include a deeper, more holistic representation of beauty. This has led to a journey of becoming a meditation facilitator, pilates instructor and towards supporting greener, eco-friendly products.

It has been said observing Natalie's work on her clients is like watching a painter bring a canvas to life. It is her masterful skill and innate creativity that allows her to find the perfectly balanced look envisioned by her clients. She is often acknowledged for her calm state and ability to connect on a deeper level with each soul she encounters.

Natalie Matias is local to the Toronto GTA and open for bookings for weddings, media, tutorials and Greening Personal Makeup Kits.
IG: Natalie.Matias

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