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Healthy Movement Routines to Help Transition into Fall

Healthy Movement Routines to Help Transition into Fall

So.... its happening. Fall is suddenly upon us and we are hearing horror stories of a nasty winter coming our way. This means we are changing the way we dress, the way we eat, our social activities and the way we take care of ourselves. We know the team at PA is educating you about how to adapt your skin to the new season; Just like you need to customize your beauty regime you should also consider updating your movement habits.

Here are a couple tips from the MuseMovement team to you to help keep your body, mind and heart happy this fall.

It may feel harder to get out as the weather gets colder; during the fall and winter months we spend less time outside and more time sitting on our butts and we become more stagnant inside. It becomes extra important to get that movement class on your schedule! Besides making you feel awesome, a regular movement practice keeps your blood circulating (so important as it gets colder) and your lymphatic systems working. Lets face it, the end of summer can be a bit sad, and movement keeps our mood up so we still have the energy to do all the things we need to, as well as the things we love. The fall is like the beginning of a new year, so its a perfect time to set up new routines. Make a project of it. Find the classes and the teachers you love most and do everything you can to attend those classes weekly. Write it down in your schedule as a date with yourself and don't miss it. It only takes thirty days to set up new habits so give yourself a month and you will see, the routine your body and soul craves, after a spontaneous summer, will come easier than you expected.

There are sooooo many reasons core strength is important but, during seasonal transitions being strong in your centre becomes even more necessary. Here's a fact: Transitioning is hard. On your skin, your body, your brain your heart and your soul. If you literally have a strong centre, a deep connection to core, you will feel more grounded, secure and resilient to take on all the changes that are coming with the seasonal shifts. Core work is also heat building and since we don't have the weather to warm our skin its important to build a fire and heat from the inside out. This is good for our skin, for our digestive system and our souls. We sit around more in the winter which can weaken our core so balancing all of that cozy restorative time with creating a strong abdominal system is a must to keep our bods (especially backs) injury and pain free. Lets not forget - though who wants to remember- an icy season is coming our way and if we are strong in our centre our reflexes become on point and we are less likely to slip and fall this winter.

During the summer months every one wants to work their arms, but as we put away the tank tops and fall sets in, requests for arm work start to falter. It’s so important to keep our upper bodies moving in order to avoid neck and shoulder tension which can lead to upper, and lower back pain. With the temperature dropping, you might notice that you feel a little tighter around your upper torso. All of a sudden you are literally carrying more weight on your shoulders as you start layering on the clothes. As the breeze starts to get colder your shoulders will naturally lift to brace against the chill. Tight shoulders means less movement in the thoracic spine which can lead to even tighter shoulders and neck pain and even headaches , its a vicious circle really. The good news is a movement as simple as daily arm circles , shoulder shrugs and even deep breathing can go miles to help loosen you up and keep healthy mobility through the shoulder girdle. Also, don't stop asking for arm and back work in your movement classes.

Just because they are tucked away in socks and boots doesn’t mean your feet should be out of mind. In fact, this is exactly why you need to give your feet and ankles some serious love and affection. The fascia- connective tissue- in our footsies gets super tight as we put on shoes and boots that are clunky and restrict natural movement. Trust me, we don't want this, it can lead to knee, hip and back pain. Grab a tennis ball, lacrosse ball or Yoga Tune Up Ball (many studios around the city are carrying these wonderful self massage tools), put it under your foot and get rolling. Ankle circles are also heavenly and beneficial as well as hamstring and calf stretches. Add balance work to your movement practice as well so the little intrinsic muscles in your feet are really to go when they snow piles up!

Consider adding a restorative yoga class to your weekly practice schedule. First of all, restorative yoga is just so darn cozy, perfect for autumn. With this time of new schedules and routines it’s helpful to physically and mentally restore after the summer months. Getting still can help us reflect and get clear about what it is we want. There is nothing like a restorative class to help you truly relax which is so beneficial in helping with stress reduction. This in turn helps to create a strong immune system- so needed as the fall and winter as germs start spreading around.

xx MuseMovement Team

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