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Our goal at Province Apothecary has always been to empower, educate and support our clients to help them reach their skincare goals. Our Back Bar Training Program was born of the same values – to inspire like-minded aestheticians and spas, near and far, to bring our holistic approach to their practice. We have spent the last 2 years carefully + thoughtfully developing our Back Bar Training Program and new Plant Powered Product line, and it is a dream come true to finally share our knowledge + techniques with you.

Why Holistic?

Our philosophy for beautiful skin is: 50% internal and 50% external. The skin is our largest organ and it is a reflection of our internal body. Vibrant, glowing skin is our visual representation of our wellbeing and overall health. Each person must find their balance to achieve healthy skin. This is why we focus on a whole body approach to healing. Skin conditions can happen where there is an imbalance in the body, internally (diet, hormones, stress, etc) or externally (topical products and environmental factors). Our products work with the skin’s natural processes to create harmony within the body and on the skin. We focus on true healing, not covering up or resisting problems! Our products are infused with powerful healing plant medicine and holistic science to help the skin's healing process.

Our Back Bar Training Program is broken down into two levels:

Level 1: PA Aesthetician Product Training

What it is
We empower you with knowledge and education of our full skincare line.
Incorporate these dynamically into your own treatment style with immediate effect.

How it works
Receive two virtual 60-90 minute one-on-one Product training sessions with Province Apothecary Brand Educator. Training includes:

  • Brand Introduction + Philosophy
  • Fundamentals Practices: How To Love Your Skin
  • Product Knowledge* and how-to customize our products in the treatment room
  • Skin type guideline and homecare recommendations
*includes exclusive access to our Professional Use Only Phyto Concentrate product line and our professional size products.

Level 2: PA Certified Aesthetician Protocol Training

What it is
For businesses wanting advanced skincare and facial education and to learn our celebrated PA Holistic Intuitive Facial Treatment

How it works
Receive extensive virtual training with our Brand Educator in a timeframe that works with the needs of your business over 2 - 12 months.

Completion of Level 1 Aesthetician Product Training is required before progressing onto Level 2 training.

  • Advanced Education over 5 modules:
  • The Science Behind Our Facials part I + II
  • Holistic Consultation + Skin Analysis Theory
  • Holistic Intuitive Facial Treatment Protocols (4 Modules)
  • Additional product training, prescribing Home Care + Specific Skin concern support
*includes exclusive access to our Professional Use Only Phyto Concentrate product line and our professional size products.

In both levels, aestheticians will learn how use our exclusive and uniquely designed Plant Power professional line of products.

Our New Plant Power Line + Professional Sizes

Accelerate your creativity and enhance the effects of a treatment by incorporating our new & exclusive Plant Power Professional Line into your practice. This line includes new formulations + professional sizes offered exclusively to our Back Bar partners.

Trainee Aesthetician Testimonials

“Quality and efficacy are two of the pillars of my skincare business which is why I choose the Province Apothecary brand. I am very proud to educate my clients on the product ingredients that are sourced locally, from each Canadian province!

I am very excited that Province Apothecary has added the backbar training program, and to now be offering the Holistic Intuitive Facial, which I believe will further enhance my clients results. The training program with Sarah was fantastic. She is a very passionate and knowledgeable educator, answered all of my questions (and there were a lot!), provided me with product mixology suggestions and sent any follow up information in a timely manner. The virtual training is very practical as it worked easily into my schedule and having the videos on hand are very helpful to refer back to as I was learning. I look forward to continued education with her and the development of the brand!”
Kelly Rice, Aura Skin and Soul

“I have always prided myself as an esthetician that gives great attention, care and the best possible experience I can to my clients. All clients I have practiced these techniques on have said ‘best facial EVER!!’

Most importantly I have been searching for a product line and company that shares the same values and views on skincare. That it is a whole body experience including stress in your life, activity and nutrition.”
Sheri Butler, Sole Esthetics

About Sarah Bradley, Brand Educator

“I enjoy learning from my clients and fellow aestheticians both for their benefit and for mine. Being constantly challenged, inspired and questioned is such a valuable way of self-development. I thrive on sharing learnings and assimilating more skills as a way of evolving both a personal and professional pathway.

Teaching this knowledge and being able to grow our professional community at Province Apothecary is something I am really passionate about. I love connecting on a truly holistic level with others who want to take better care of themselves and their clients.”

If you have additional questions about our Back Bar Training Program, our professional size pricing + order form please contact us at

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