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Introducing our NEW Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush

We are so excited to share our new Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush with you!

Julie became interested in dry brushing when she first started studying Aromatherapy and Holistic Health in 2010. Hearing about its countless benefits, she first started experimenting with body dry brushes and coarse-bristled face brushes. She loved the effect of the coarse brush on her body so much that it became one of her favourite daily self care rituals. But it was just too coarse for her face and left her with irritated and sensitive skin.

A few years later, she was introduced to a softer-bristled facial dry brush and was hooked! It was gentle, non-irritating, gently exfoliating and stimulating to blood and lymph flow.

Julie still facial dry brushes every morning, while her water boils for her coffee, and has seen a visible difference: fewer dry skin patches, less pore congestion, a brighter complexion and overall healthier skin.

We have been using dry facial brushes in our treatments for over a year and have seen tremendous benefits! Our clients wanted to take the brush home with them but it’s taken us months to find the perfect the brush; we’ve been so grateful for everyone’s patience.

We’re so happy to bring you this high quality, soft and effective facial dry brush. We hope you enjoy this beautiful daily self care ritual at home.

Here is more information about our brush and our journey on how it came to be...

Why we chose this brush

Choosing the right brush was a long process that involved a lot of testing and sourcing. We had two options: an inexpensive plastic brush produced in China, or a high-quality luxury brush made of natural materials.

We chose this oak and goat hair brush because the materials are the kindest to our environment, the labour is fair, and it is of the best quality. We believe in slow design: well-made products that consider both short-term and long-term environmental impacts. Plastic brushes are only meant to be used for up to 3 months, and then disposed of. We couldn’t stand behind a product that would contribute to landfills in this way. Your Iris Hantverk brush will last for several years when cared for properly (watch our Brush Care video), and when you do eventually dispose of it, the materials will break down and eventually become a part of the earth again.

The oak handle is certified responsibly forested, and the goat hair bristles come from a chain of reliable suppliers. The owners of Iris Hantverk have been purchasing from their supplier for over 40 years and take a personal interest in the collection and quality of the material. They provide the same materials to large retailers across the globe who have strict regulations around the ethical collection of animal materials, and Iris Hantverk complies with all of them. The goats are never killed for their hair, they are shorn similarly to the way that wool is collected from sheep.

How dry brushing works and why is it so powerful

The body’s lymphatic system has a few main functions, including being responsible for ridding the body of toxins through lymph fluid. This fluid carries waste and toxins away from tissues via an extensive system of vessels. A buildup of lymph fluid in the face can result in dull, tired-looking, puffy skin. Through the action of gentle dry brushing, lymph fluid held in facial tissue just below the surface of the skin is pushed into lymph vessels, travels to the lymph nodes, and is expelled from the body.

We suggest dry brushing first thing in the morning on dry skin to kick-start the body’s natural lymphatic detoxification system that has been asleep all night. When we are asleep our body goes into repair and recovery mode for all of our organs and tissues, and sends white blood cells through the lymph fluid to repair damage. But the lymphatic system needs movement and activity to complete its job effectively, which sleeping doesn’t give!

Dry brushing with quick, gentle, vigorous strokes over the face provides the stimulation needed to move lymph fluid out of the vessels under the skin and into the nodes to be processed. There are many lymph nodes located in your face and neck, and our 8-step dry brushing ritual targets these nodes for the most effective method of drainage.

Our lymphatic pathways and immune system are the most undiscovered and complicated networks in our body, so we need to support and encourage their working function in any way we can. Drinking lots of water helps the lymphatic system to be flushed, as well as vigorous body movements through exercise, and dry brushing is the beauty tool to add to these practices for a complete face and body lymph workout!

How it benefits acneic skin

When there is a lot of inflammation on the skin or under the skin’s surface - ie cystic acne - our lymph nodes swell. This happens because they are acting as a factory that produce and store white blood cells and immune cells that create a defence from viruses and bacteria. Dry brushing will help move lymph along the channel and clear up any excess white blood cells and inflammation near the cystic lesions, helping them to shrink faster and reduce pain.

For more info about how to care for your brush, Julie’s Morning Routine and if Facial Dry Brushing is right for you, check out more info here

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