Jade Roller Advanced Moves For Targeted Concerns July 12 2018

Our new Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller is an amazing beauty tool because it is so multi-purpose. The two ends offer a variety of benefits and can be used to aid a variety of concerns.If you’ve already mastered our Jade Facial Roller Ritual, now you’re ready for our more advanced moves. Add these techniques into your ritual to benefit your skin!


For dark circles and puffy eyes:

Encourage even more lymph drainage by adding some extra attention. Starting at the chin, roll the smooth end in short outward strokes toward the ear and continue moving up the face.

Tone Sagging Skin:

For additional sculpting, push upwards with the smooth end under the cheekbones (the same as points 3 / 4 / 5 from our Natural Facelift Ritual). Hold and release to contour.

Gently Detox Problem Areas:

For cystic inflammation around the jawline (hormonal acne), that is too sensitive to aggravate, use the smooth end for additional lymph drainage. With the smooth-end, roll down towards the base of the neck following 3 paths: from in front of the ear (Submandibular), below the ear (SupraclavicalSupraclavicular), and behind the ear(Cervical).



Congestion on the nose:

Soften pores and loosen congestion by applying additional face serum and using the studded end to work over the nose in all directions. 

Soften Laugh-Lines:

Maximize collagen and cellular stimulation by rolling over the nasal lines (laugh-lines) with the studded end and then perpendicular across the same lines for cross-fiber action. 

Reduce Scarring:

Encourage healing and cellular turnover by rolling the studded end in all directions repeatedly over areas with deep scarring.

Jaw tension and TMJ release:

Spend additional time with the studded end going over the jaw hinge (in front of your ear), jawline and down the neck.

Stimulate hair follicles:

Roll the studded end all along hairline and over the scalp. Use with a blend of EOs for an additional boost. For essential oil suggestions, check out our How To Grow Your Hair Naturally post.

Relieve hand tension:

Roll the studded end over the back of the hand and palm to relieve typing tension from computers and phone use.

Reduce cellulite:

Use the studded end to stimulate and turnover cells in the deeper hypodermis. Roll in all directions over thighs and back of arms.

Neck tension release:

Work the studded end both horizontal and vertical over the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the neck muscle that is visible when rotating the head. This muscle is the largest of our neck area and responsible for turning and supporting our head.