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Julie's Journey To Radiant Skin

Photo via Afiya Francisco/The Style House

I started making green beauty products because I wanted to heal my skin naturally and help others suffering from similar skin ​concerns. I have suffered from eczema and allergies my whole life and wasn’t seeing any improvement in my skin or body after using conventional products for 27 years. I had a strange feeling one day that there must be an alternative way to heal my skin and that's​ when I embarked on a new journey​, I literally packed my bags and moved to Toronto. I started studying, aromatherapy, holistic health and herbal medicine in 2010.

It took me several years to develop what is now PA and during that time I experimented with lots of ingredients and​ visited a lot of experts: doctors, allergists, naturopaths, nutritionists, intuitive healers. I took so many allergy and food sensitivity tests, tried so many products and read a lot of self-healing books. I was hungry for knowledge and I desperately wanted to understand myself and my skin. In my journey, I discovered that everything always came back to the gut​, ​your lifestyle and using natural products that would encourage and support your skin’s natural ability to heal. I had a really hard time accepting that I needed to change my diet and life at first because I didn't want to, but I really really​ needed to. My skin was literally crying out in pain (inflamed,​ cracked​, painful, bleeding​ with​ eczema). Once I started making small dietary changes, healing my gut from the inside out, shifting my lifestyle- journalling more to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep way more (8-9 hours)​​,​ drinking tons of water, making my own meals and reducing processed foods,​ using our eczema and rescue balms (so grateful for these balms) I was blown away by the​ change in my skin, mood, and energy level.

Our skin is like a mirror of our internal health. Now I see it as talking to us, tell us when our body is out of balance (acne/eczema /rosacea) and that we need to pay attention to our body to help it and heal it. All it wants is a bit more love, hydration, nutrition, digestion and rest.

This program is a collection of all of the tools I have gained, used and seen results with. Once I built a solid foundation for myself (diet/gut health, lifestyle changes) I saw huge improvements in my skin and in my mental health. It has all helped me grow and care for myself and give me a deeper understanding of my body and how entirely connected we are. We are literally what we eat and what we apply.

I'm so excited to be doing this program alongside you and with the PA team. This is truly a dream come true! I hope you enjoy connecting with your skin, your food and yourself.

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