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Meet our Amazing RMT | Alexandra Chisholm

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Holistic Skincare Clinic, Registered Massage Therapist, Alexandra Chisholm! We are so excited to offer this long-anticipated service to our clients and can't wait for you to experience Alexandra's unique practice and approach to massage therapy. Get to know Alexandra and the fundamentals of RMT below!

These customized + targeted massage treatments are designed to manipulate the soft tissue, muscles, ligaments, and joints in the body to promote relief + relaxation. Our Registered Massage Therapist will complete a full-body intake to help guide the overall treatment, based on your unique needs. RMT clients will be given a receipt to submit to their health insurance provider.


Registered Massage Therapy | 30 minutes - $70.00
Registered Massage Therapy | 45 minutes -$100.00
Registered Massage Therapy | 60 minutes - $115.00
Registered Massage Therapy | 75 minutes - $135.00
Registered Massage Therapy | 90 minutes - $150.00

*Please note this pricing does not include HST

What is an RMT?

Massage Therapists focus on treating soft-tissue and joints but also have a direct effect on the nervous system and circulatory system as well.

An RMT has been educated not only on anatomy, but greater bodily systems and pathologies to inform our practice and ensure safe and effective treatments, especially if a secondary health condition is present.

What are the benefits of RMT?

The benefits of massage therapy spans a wide range and reflects the needs of each individual, a reason I love working in this profession.

For some, it helps relieve stress and possible secondary symptoms to the former like muscle tension and headaches. It can be an integral part of injury or surgical rehabilitation, restoring healthy range of motion, reducing scar tissue, increasing circulation, reducing edema (swelling) etc.

While each RMT practices in their own way, the benefit of having knowledge outside of the musculoskeletal system allows each practitioner to select the best techniques to suit each treatment, to avoid techniques that may be contraindicated, and to assess whether other modalities of health care may also serve the individual.

While massage therapy is not covered by OHIP, it is usually recognized by extended health care plans but only if you are treated by an individual who is registered. “Licensed” or “certified” do not imply the same thing as registered in Ontario.

Why (or how) did you become an RMT?

I certainly did not follow a linear path. I was considering pursuing other health care options when I graduated university. I obtained a BFA with a focus on sculpture in Nova Scotia. At that time, I was studying and keeping part-time jobs in retail soap shops or aromatherapy companies. I began meeting more people in holistic health fields and was taught some very basic massage in these positions. It felt like a very intuitive leap and I made the decision to move to Toronto to study. It was the best decision I could have made.

Why did you become an RMT?

I followed my intuition and curiosity into the practice. As my practice has progressed, I most appreciate the amount of time you spend with each patient. It allows for a dialogue that can be revisited throughout the length of a treatment and over the span of your time working together. I enjoy acknowledging people’s feelings and experiences and marrying them with what could be happening anatomically.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Everything my grandmother has told me about kindness and being happy. She laughs a lot and I try to emulate that daily.

What’s your daily skincare / self-care routine?

My most important self-care is a consistent and mindful balance between being active and resting. While strength training has been the best thing for endurance in my work day, it has been equally important to acknowledge that my work is physical and to honour moments of needing a break.

Skincare is a personal passion and hobby of mine and a non-negotiable part of my day. My routine changes often but I will oil cleanse my skin until the end of time.

If you weren’t an RMT, what would you be doing?

So hard to say! I’ve realized I most enjoy connecting with people and solving puzzles. Maybe a teacher? I have a lot of teachers in my family and they do so much.

What is your favourite essential and how do you like to use it?

I have a small collection of different honeys. I eat them and also use them as masks daily.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Italy! Anyone who knows me has heard me gush over my Italian grandparents, and it’s becoming more and more important that I visit our family and old village of Oratino.



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