Natural Remedies for Your Sunburn August 06 2021


We have entered the dog days of summer and want to squeeze all the fun out of the time we have left, which probably means more time in the sun. Extended time outdoors may result in over-exposure and possible burning. We of course, always want to stress the importance of applying SPF every two hours, especially if you’re swimming, but when we’re having a good time, it’s easy to forget to keep protected. We put together a list of our favourite post-sun treatments to soothe your burn and help kick start your skin’s natural healing process so you can avoid long-term damage.

Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask

This mask is a great way to calm inflammation and gently exfoliate. It is blended with oat flour and lentil flour, helping to hydrate while reducing redness and irritation. Lavender calms while the polyphenols in Green Tea help prevent signs of ageing such as pigmentation and fine lines. We recommend blending our exfoliator with cool water and raw honey to help soothe your skin post-sun. Remove with cool water and follow with a cold compress.

Healing Eczema Balm 

A balm rich in Zinc to help reduce inflammation while promoting cellular turnover to kickstart your skin’s natural healing process. We love this product for anything that holds heat to cool and calm—blended with Comfrey Root to reduce inflammation and Calendula Flower Extract for its reparative properties. Use a thin layer of our Hydrating Rescue Balm followed by Eczema Balm to create a nourishing barrier and use as often as needed on your face and body.

Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum 

Creating a cold compress by brewing black tea and applying it to the affected areas will help soothe inflammation and cool the skin—the tannins in black tea help bring the skin’s temperature down, providing much-needed relief.  Follow with our Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum for a light layer of hydration. Our CSA Face Serum is formulated with Camellia Oil, which is pressed from the Green Tea plant and packed with antioxidants, while Turmeric reduces inflammation and cools the skin after a few too many hours in the sun. 

Dual Action Jade Facial Roller

Jade naturally sits at a cooler temperature, which feels fantastic on over-exposed skin and helps bring down inflammation while supporting our lymphatic system. Pop your Jade Roller into the fridge for a few minutes before using to increase its cooling properties. Using the smooth end, work in a downward motion starting at your forehead to calm the skin. Our Jade Roller can be used on the body, so roll as much as needed on affected areas.