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PA Team | How we're staying grounded

In the spirit of keeping our amazing team connected with each other AND with our beloved customers, we thought it would be nice to shed light on what some of our teammates have been up to since the world shifted a few weeks ago. We hope that giving you a window into our day-to-day lives will inspire you, validate you, + reassure you that we are all in this together. With love, PA Team.

Julie | CEO + Founder

“I have been using our Calm Down Wellness Roll-On during the day because the scent makes me feel grounded. I am also doing a calming meditation before bed to help relax my mind and release the day.”


Cassandra | Holistic Skin Therapist + Brand Educator

“To stay grounded I have been prioritizing going for walks, enjoying a slow pace of cooking and eating, yoga & pilates, reading fiction, and having video calls with pals.”


Dixie | Holistic Skin Therapist

“The past few weeks have brought up a lot of conflicting emotions--fear, anxiety, and restlessness being at the top. To counter this dread feeling of helplessness, I've been focusing on getting out of my mind and into my body. Deep belly breathing, body scans, shaking and dancing, long baths, trading massages with my partner, eating with my eyes closed, feeling the breeze and sun on my face from an open window... anything that takes me into this moment. If my body feels safe, then I feel safe. It's been a challenging practice in mindfulness. At other times, I've let myself be completely distracted by Netflix, food, my cat--also necessary and enjoyable! There have been many instances where I've felt confused and without purpose... and so I turn to my partner and friends for advice. I am reminded, over and over, that I am not alone; that my neighbours one wall over are going though the same thing, as are my family on the other side of the country; that there are platforms available to connect on (loving all the free IG Live exercise classes happening right now!); that speaking up and out, even to an empty room or into a journal, is better than ruminating in my head. My wish for you, dear reader, is to loosen the hold that your running thoughts may have over you, and practice anchoring into your body. Sending you love and light.”


Fran | Holistic Nutritionist + Skin Therapist

“Keeping gentle routines like waking up and going to bed at the same time, working out and eating colourful meals at regular meal times. The consistency of a slow routine is comforting in these uncertain times.”


Julia | Marketing Coordinator

“These days, I’m trying to be more gentle with myself on all fronts. To take each day, thought, feeling, mood as it comes. To honour all of it. To know everything is temporary and ever-shifting, and to be at peace with that. Living with anxiety and MDD, times like these can be incredibly triggering, making it easy to slip into unhealthy patterns. Loosening self-imposed expectations and getting back to basics has been challenging, but essential in keeping me grounded. It sounds simple, but eating, sleeping, moving, drinking enough water, speaking kindly to oneself can have profound effects on mental health. Music and scent always help connect me to the present, so in the mornings while I’m making my bed + going about my morning routine, I like to pop on one of my favourite albums + diffuse some essential oils to help ring in the day. Sometimes (re: every time) I even sing along obnoxiously loudly - the release feels so good!”


Shari | Holistic Skin Therapist

“Since I was young, taking care of my skin has always been something I've turned to in times of stress + challenge. During the wild ride that is Covid-19, I have truly been finding my grounding in things that I CAN control + that feel really good + safe. My skincare routine is #1, and that includes the rituals of dry brushing, oil cleansing with a focus on lymph drainage, honey exfoliation, TCM acupressure points, intentional face massage with my custom serums + focus on connective tissue + muscle adhesions, jade rolling, Gua Sha techniques with all my favourite tools + masking with all the yummy things I can find. I set an intention before I begin, say a prayer to the world sending love + healing to all those who need it, and take my time with my own healing ritual. I always feel so grounded with my hands on faces, so right now it's just mine, my husband's + my cat Mimi's (she loves Gua Sha!) Walks in the sunshine, yoga with my love + helping others who need it are also non-negotiables for me to feel healthy + whole, now + forever. xo”

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