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Seasonal Transitions | Our top 5 Winter skincare tips!

Seasonal Transitions | Our Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips!

The days are shorter, darker and much colder. We're bundling up in blanket scarves, thick socks, gloves and toques. We add extra layers to our outfits, and we should also layer products in our skincare regime. We're blessed with beautiful changing seasons, while our bodies are striving to adapt and find balance. Here's our top 5 winter skincare tips for maximum harmony this season:

1. Hydration
Hydration is key all year, and a particularly important focus during long Canadian winters. Drink often, and aim for 3-4L of water per day. For best results, drink consistently throughout your day, not just when you start to feel thirsty.
During these colder times, our bodies naturally don't feel as thirsty or conserve water as effectively. Our blood vessels constrict during cold temperatures to conserve heat, drawing more blood to our core. This leads to an increase in urine production, and dehydration though our bodies think they are maintaining proper hydration levels. We're also losing fluids through respiratory water loss (ie. when we can see our own cold breath, that's water vapour we're losing).
As a result, we have to make a conscious effort to consume more water, since our bodies aren't signalling us with an intense thirst similar to what we'd experience during the summer time. I recommend plenty of warm lemon water - add an inch of raw organic ginger root for an added kick + anti inflammatory boost (great for sore throats, too)!
Click here for our full article on the amazing benefits of drinking warm water!

2. Healthy Fats
Healthy fats, such as organic coconut oil, ghee, walnut and avocado all contain tryptophan, which is what sunlight converts to serotonin. Since the days are shorter and sun exposure is less frequent in the winter months, it's imperative to consume foods that boost your tryptophan levels. This will aid in keeping your mood and energy levels stable. Including more healthy fats in your diet this time of year will also greatly benefit your skin! Omega 3's reduce inflammation, strengthen skin cells, and moisturize from the inside out. For an intensely hydrating + nourishing face mask, try mixing our Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask with some mashed avocado + a few drops of your Nourishing + Revitalizing Moisturizer + water to form a creamy consistency. Apply to clean skin for around 15 minutes and wipe off with a damp washcloth.
Read more about healthy fats + your skin here!

3. Humidifiers
The dry heat is blasting around us everywhere we go - at work, at home, at the grocery store - and it's unavoidable. Since constant contact with forced heating is inevitable, we suggest adding a humidifier to your space. Our skin cells naturally lose moisture during the dry winter months. When it’s dry enough, the moisture on our top surface layer of skin will evaporate into the air. Adding humidity to your air will in turn infuse your skin with moisture - soothing dry cracked skin, healing sore acne blemishes, and calming irritated skin conditions. Humidifiers relieve sinusitis, keep our nasal passages lubricated, heal common colds faster, alleviate snoring, and support healthy skin. Our face, hands, and lips feel more supple and hydrated after a night sleeping with a humidifier. If you can't get your hands on a humidifier, lay wet towels over radiators or have little ceramic dishes with water resting on them so the air doesn't dry out with the heating.

4. Dry Brushing + Exfoliation
Daily facial brushing stimulates and detoxifies the skin on both a superficial and internal level. This routine will enliven your skin cells, support your facial lymphatic system, and revive dull skin and tired eyes. Exfoliation is always imperative - but during our cold winter season, it's important to use a gentle exfoliant since flaky, cracked + irritated skin is more common. Your skin should feel clean and nourished after dry brushing + exfoliating. You never want to leave the skin feeling irritated. Our Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask (oat + green tea based) will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Aim to dry brush daily and exfoliate every 3 days for best results.

5. Custom Face Serums
We LOVE custom blending at Province Apothecary! From our Custom Facial Treatments to our made-to-order Custom Face Serums, we blend various plant based + essential oils based on the seasons + your skin's needs. It's great to change your facial serum when the seasons change, as your skin is trying to adjust to the change in climate. Your skin is in need of different ingredients to combat various concerns. For example, someone with normal skin in the summer may use oils lighter in consistency like Jojoba or Camellia - in the winter, that same client may need heavier oils such as Avocado, Hemp or Pumpkin. We love providing you with the option of adjusting your custom serum recipe to suit your skin's need at any given point throughout the year.
If you have further questions about our Custom Blended Face Serums, please call 647-479-4854 or email

Have a warm + cozy Winter season!

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