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Spend $75 and receive a free 30ml Cleanser

Support Mental Health Charities to Win a $500 value prize!

Mental health issues in Canada are more common than you think. In fact, 20% of all Canadians will experience some sort of mental illness in their lifetime. We’ve partnered with 3 Canadian brands to encourage our communities to help the charities supporting mental health research, advocating on behalf of people living with mental illness, and working on the frontlines to provide counselling, treatment, and other support.

Enter our raffle to make an impact + for a chance to win an amazing prize.

How to enter:
  1. See below for a list of mental health charities we recommend donating to + choose which organizations most resonate with you. The minimum donation amount we will accept per entry is $20.
  2. Each additional $10 you donate will grant you an additional entry in the raffle.
  3. Please email a screenshot of your donation to
  4. Our winner will be announced on October 1st.
The winner will receive a gift pack ($500 value) containing:

Please note that while we encourage everyone to support the causes they care about, this raffle is only open to our Canadian community.

List of charities to give to:

Stella's Place

Stella’s Place is THE place for young adults in Toronto, aged 16 to 29, who are experiencing mental health challenges to get the support they need in the form of peer supports, clinical, online, employment, wellness, and recovery services.

Youth Mental Health Canada

A grassroots, youth-driven organization focused on education and advocacy for youth mental health change. They advocate for greater funding of publicly funded, culturally sensitive, needs-based, innovative supports and services in healthcare and education.

Sick Not Weak

An online community that helps end the stigma that surrounds mental health and help those dealing with mental illnesses.

Mental Health Research Canada

They are dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by advancing evidence-based mental health research that is problem-solving, cost-effective and usable in the real world.


They offer free support programs for Caadians suffering from depression, bipolar illness, anxiety and other mood disorders and their families and caregivers.


Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital for care, research, education and leading social change.

Progress for Mental Health

With a focus on science, discovery, and innovation, they fund mental health research and programs.

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Their mission is to provide information and resources to communities to reduce the suicide rate and minimize the harmful consequences of suicidal behaviour.

Wood's Homes

A children’s mental health centre that provides treatment and support to children, youth and families with mental health needs.

Canada's only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health in every province and territory.


They create a stronger, amplified voice for those who suffer from eating disorders by funding, research and partnerships. They aim to create a nation that understands the illness, and a comprehensive system that supports those affected by it.

Anxiety Canada

Anxiety Canada™ is a leader in developing free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety.


They support refugee mental health through counselling, documentation, education, and referrals.

Please remember to send a screenshot of your donation receipt/confirmation to Thank you for your participation. Your support will help make real change in communities and change countless lives.

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