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Free Shipping on Orders over $35 to Canada and the U.S.

The PA Team’s Guide To Gifts For Your Beautiful Mom

With Mother's Day approaching, we always get asked what we recommend as the perfect gift. We asked our team to check in with their beautiful, radiant moms and share some of their faves.

Organic Cotton Face Cloths

“My Mom has stocked up on our cotton face cloths - she loves the size and texture of them!”
- Anna

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Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush

“She is obsessed with the brush, she uses it every morning!”
- Hilary

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Radiant Body Oil

“The scent of the Body Oil is amazing and it’s perfect for after a hot bath, something my Mom loves to indulge in.”

- Natalie

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Hydrating Rescue Balm

“My mom works in the garden all summer and swears by our rich balm to save her hands.”

- Jessica

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Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum

"My mom has been on lifelong journey to find the right moisturizer. She never sticks with the same one, since none of them have been just right for her, but this serum turned out to be THE winner. She loves the smell and the way it makes her skin feel."

- Kristina

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The Province Apothecary Team

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