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The Perfect Bra Fit with Knixwear

We've teamed up with our friends at Knixwear to help solve some common bra fitting issues. Their amazing Canadian designed bras and underwear are designed to be functional and beautiful, made for women by women.

We know that bra sizing can be confusing. Don’t get discouraged if you’re having trouble finding the right fit - it’s not you! You’re awesome. Read on for some common fit issues and easy fixes, so we can get your bust the care it truly deserves.


Symptom: You’re rocking a little bit too much sideboob or spilling out over the top of the bra.

Solution: This is a sign to give yourself more space to breathe, so you should go up a cup size. Note that our Evolution sizing isn’t perfectly sequential, so check our size chart for more details.

Gaping or Wrinkling in the Cup

Symptom: Underwire and padded bras leave you with space at the top of the bra, or the fabric cups on the Evolution bra are wrinkling.

Solution: In a traditional bra, that gape at the top means you should go down a cup size. If you’ve noticed slight wrinkling on your Evolution bra, this is normal and will disappear as your bra molds to your body (although you should make sure your straps are tight enough so that the cups are pulled smooth!) If the wrinkling or gaping is extremely noticeable, you may need to size down in the cup.

Band Rolling Up

Symptom: Your band rolls up or folds during movement.

Solution: This can be caused by two different (but similar!) issues: your band is probably either too big or too small. To test, run two fingers under the band along your back. Tight squeeze? Size up in the band, or use a band extender to get your ideal fit. Lots of space? Time to size down in the band.

Too Tight!

Symptom: A corset or shapewear feeling.

Solution: We've been taught that to get the ideal boob shape, you can expect discomfort. But your bra is a buddy, not a torture tool. Both our Longevity and Evolution bras are designed to fit tight at first, so that the material has time to learn the shape of your body and relax to fit you perfectly. It'll take a few wears to get that ideal fit, so take take advantage of our 30 day wash-and-wear trial and give that bra a spin. That said, if you feel like you're being hugged by an overzealous bear, it's time to size up.

Back Bulge

Symptom: The bra band cuts or digs in, creating rolls of skin at your back.

Solution: Make sure you're wearing your bra on the loosest set of hooks. A perfectly fitting bra should do most of the work around the band, but shouldn't dig in. If your Evolution Bra merely feels snug (not painful!) try letting it relax through the first month of wear with our 30 day wash-and-wear trial. Alternatively, give our Longevity Bra a spin: the wider back band makes for a smooth look and feel.

Band Rises in the Back

Symptom: The back band of your bra arches up towards your neck.

Solution: The right bra size will result in a band that sits comfortably flat across your back. If it’s riding up, you should reduce your band size. The correct fit will allow the band to do 80% of the work!


Symptom: You know what this is 🙄

Solution: Uncomfortably tight sports bras or bandeaus often result in the uniboob look. If you’re feeling extremely squashed, you should size up in the cup. You may find that Knixwear bras do hold your breasts differently than other bras (although without the squish!). Our Evolution Bras were designed to provide natural lift and separation: this won’t be the super buxom look you get from underwire bras. Boobs are great just the way they are!

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