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Touch As Self-Care

By Holistic Skin Therapist + Brand Educator, Cassandra Bradshaw

Self care -- we all want an abundance of it, right? Not only does it feel good to take care of ourselves, it’s also paramount to our well-being. Often we encounter barriers inhibiting our ability to relax and enjoy quality time with ourselves or a loved one; we’re working long hours, taking care of our needs to survive, commuting all over the place, possibly also taking care of others. The list of mandatory things to do can pile high, and the stress this creates can really impact our relationships + sense of self.

Through our holistic lens, we favour using herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy and touch to support our overall health and help balance our mood and stress levels. Other helpful practices include breathing techniques, movement, clearing stagnant energy in your space, and effective communication with oneself or partners.

Try coaxing your autonomic nervous system into your parasympathetic state and allow your worries to melt away with a relaxing ritual that can be enjoyed alone or shared with a partner. Make it a priority to do one thing for yourself each day that makes you feel good!

Lover’s Oil
A sensual massage oil

Hydrate, soften + smooth the skin while unwinding with a luxurious massage. Specifically formulated with aphrodisiacs like cedarwood, rose, vetiver and cardamom, this lustful massage oil is perfect for treating yourself or a partner to some heightened self care. Non-staining and highly absorbent ingredients make this easy to use anywhere (external use only) and will have your skin feeling and smelling amazing. Awaken your senses and stimulate clarity, ease and connectedness.

Benefits of Massage

  • It can improve your relationship with yourself or a partner
  • Feel more in tune + comfortable with your body or a partner
  • Physical touch can improve our immune system, reduce cortisol levels, and increase oxytocin levels
  • Help improve self confidence or confidence in your relationship
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduce tension and cramps
  • Make your skin soft + glowing!

Sex Oil
Clean and luxurious

Invite more play + freedom in pleasure with our all natural coconut oil-based lubricant. Intended to expand sensual opportunities and encourage comfortable intimacy in many realms. Safe for internal use, this product can be used anywhere on the body (do not use with latex products) and is safe for even the most sensitive skins.

*Use as a massage oil in place of Lover’s Oil if you are sensitive to essential oils.

Benefits of Sensual Touch

  • Showing affection to yourself or your partner is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship
  • Connect more deeply to yourself or a partner
  • Opportunity to be explorative and discover pleasure spots
  • A sensual touch without sexual focus can help someone feel less anxious about sex and intimacy
  • Fun way to bond, relax and boost your mood

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