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Free Shipping on Orders over $35 to Canada and USA

We're so excited to announce that our Founder, Julie, is offering facial in Thornbury

We're so excited to announce that our Founder, Julie, is offering facials in Thornbury. 

Julie started offering facials in 2012 as part of her mission to help her friends and family with their skin issues, she herself has suffered from eczema and allergies since birth. 

The results she was seeing from the facials and our products for herself and her clients were so outstanding and she fell in love with helping people with their skin.

She took a break from facials to concentrate on running Province 
Province Apothecary and focused on training our facial team and our retailer that offers our facials, but now she is back and is so excited to be offering facials again :) 

Facials have always been an important part of Province Apothecary and she has never stopped learning and deepening her knowledge. She has studied Holistic Health, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, reflexology facial reflexology, gua sha, facial cupping, and advanced facial massage. 

Her facials are customized to your skin and she helps reduce fine lines, pigmentation, acne, congestion, texture and much more.

Her goal is to empower you and educate you on how to take care of your skin 365 days a year.

She is offering facials in Thornbury, Ontario. 

To book a facial with Julie, click here. 

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