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Women We Admire | Dani Griffiths

Dani Griffiths is the designer behind the New York City- based label Clyde. She is a Vancouver native but moved to New York City in 2008. Griffiths exercised her aptitude for fashion as a buyer, merchandiser and house collection sales director at Assembly New York. It was in 2010 that she started making her own line of discerning, crocheted wool accessories. Since then, the offering has steadily evolved to include a range of hats that are blocked by hand in a small New York state millinery factory.

Sharp yet classic and smartly cultivated, Clyde has caught the attention of distinguished publications and ardent admirers worldwide. The hats, in particular, possess a sculptural beauty while maintaining a straightforward wearability – this balance perfected by hand finishes and considered design.

Clyde aspires to not only be a part of the wearer’s story but to help tell it by encouraging individual experiences that can, in turn, impart personal meaning to each and every piece. She is a woman we highly admire and we wanted to give you a closer look into her secret tips and advice for other women.

What do you eat for a power breakfast?
Most mornings I eat granola or muesli and yogurt with a rotating cast of fruit, hemp hearts, chia, and maybe a magical powder like reishi, bee pollen or maqui berry. I'm on a constant hunt for the best granola, if any of you have suggestions, please send them my way!

What's your beauty ritual?
My beauty ritual consists of 8 hours of sleep and a glass of water nearby at all times of day/night. My skin tends to be on the dry side so I like to use a facial oil in the morning, and more recently I've been using a cream that consists of honey, honey cappings, bee propolis, beeswax and St. Johns Wort. It's so natural that it even tastes good! It's a diverse product that can be used on face, lips, hair and body. I already have so many moving parts in my day-to-day life, so I really appreciate a product that can serve multiple purposes.

What is your self-care ritual?
I try my best to keep a grip on my interior dialogue. I've been trying to be a caring best friend to myself rather than someone who is hard on me! This also comes with bonuses such cranial sacral therapy dates and sleeping in.

Name a book or a band you love right now.
The Taoist Soul Body, Harnessing the Power of Kan and Li by Mantak Chia.

How do you ground yourself (during the day)?
A good coffee with oat milk, short walks when I've hit a wall. Good music that harmonizes with my current mood.

When do you feel most like yourself? When are you at your happiest?
When I'm dancing, basked in the glory of well tuned sound system.

What can you do today that you couldn't one year ago?
Feel great about planning well in advance. I used to be somewhat allergic to plans as life felt a little scattered in my 20's. It was hard to commit to anything as I didn't know if I was going to have to up and leave town for work at any moment. These days, I'm focusing on the benefits and peace of mind that I gain with knowing what's coming up, and when I have time to completely check out.

How would you spend a perfect 'day off'?
Living in New York, I'm at a bit of a lack of nature and crisp fresh air, so I would probably be on the road with my partner heading to a lake, ocean or mountain.

What piece of advice would you like to offer to other women?
Although sometimes it can feel hard to focus on one thing in an era where our options seem endless, I think the best way to realize your goals and dreams is to channel all of your energy and faith into one thing that you actually care about. Be specific and nurturing to what you want and what you want the outcome to be. Be patient with yourself and the process. Whatever it is, try to look at the goal with an open yet focused mind and be willing to learn the inner and outer workings of the project or job.

Also, when in need, don't forget to ask for help and trust the folks who actually rise to the occasion!

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