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Women We Admire | Amber Joliat of MISFITSTUDIO

Amber Joliat is the dynamic creator of MISFITSTUDIO pilates + movement studio, opened in 2010 in Toronto. On top of running the original Queen St. location and teaching a range of classes, Amber has opened a new Ossington Ave MISFITSTUDIO and launched an extensive teacher training program. Her energy, power and mindfullness makes her a woman we admire!

What do you eat for a power breakfast?
My breakfast is a power smoothie! Banana//Pineapple//coconut//2 dates//spinach+kale combo//almonds//hemp protein powder//liquid vitamin d//ashwagandha.

What's your beauty ritual? What's your self care ritual?
I LOVE WASHING MY FACE!!! The whole thing, washing, lathering, patting dry, applying all the lotions and potions to help my skin GLOW! Yummmmm it makes me feel like a million bucks! And facials, oooooooooo ya, I have JUST discovered them (thanks to Andrea, who bought one for me for my birthday!!!) Delicious.

Name a book or a band you love right now.
IN LOVE WITH ‘Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life’ from Dear Sugar (Thank you Ceri Marsh for lending, I'm never returning it!!), Visual Magic : Many Moons, and Martha Graham: The Evolution Of Her Dance Theory And Training. Annnnnd a band I'm in LOVE with (in more than one way) is The Precious Los check their soundcloud out!!!

How do you ground yourself (during the day)?
Smudging PALO SANTO, all day, every day, amen! It grounds, it clears, it cleanses.

And Deep meditative breathing. If anything comes up where I need to feel clear. I sit. Get quiet. Connect to breath and it is miraculous how instant my grounded qualities connect.

When do you feel most like yourself? When are you at your happiest?
I am a morning gal. I love the sunrise, the birds chirping, the beauty of a brand new day! I feel my most self IN movement, in class, teaching class, dancing around with my man!!
I also love the ROMANCE of travel and exploration and freedom and picking wildflowers! Anywhere in the world, picking, arranging and then painting the beauty of nature.

What can you do today that you couldn't one year ago?
Run 4 businesses! In the past year MISFITSTUDIO has opened a second location, launched a 200 hour movement teacher training program and opened a wellness collective! PHEWWWW

How would you spend a perfect 'day off'?
Playing catch up with my friends. Going for walks, getting lost in this city of Toronto. Visiting one of Toronto’s botanical gardens and enjoying dinner under the stars with my man!

What piece of advice would you like to offer to other women?
Get to know yourself, deeply, tenderly, honestly. And do your work to become comfortable in your own skin. It is your power. Manifest it. Live it. Breathe it.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned from the beginning of your business to now?
To fully, deeply, truly follow my intuition. Every single time there has been a flicker, a warning, a hummmmm. My intuition was RIGHT every single time. In this life, if we dive in, practice mindfulness enough that it becomes a WAY of life this knowing can be the guide, the inner truth, the clearest way to know what is right and wrong and I (choose to) see all the challenge as a way to LEARN and with tenderness embrace that all I can do is learn and learn and learn and in that strength grow and grow and grow personally, professionally, spiritually.

What is your most valuable productivity tool?
(the quest for it)
I am my most productive when every part of me is fed:
my heart,
my soul,
my brain,
my sex,
my creative,
my light,
my curiosity,
my desire,
my adventure.
I can allow alll those parts of me to seep into whatever may be in production whether it’s building a studio or creating a playlist or a new class or mentoring new teachers or collaborating with other wild women.
Feeling ALIVE and balancing all the elements within that helps me to feel my most true and from that deep place of truth, I can create in full expression and with beautiful seamless productivity.

About Amber:

Amber’s unique approach to movement encourages a deep untangling, allowing the mind, body and soul to open from the inside. Dancelike sequences set to music help breathe in elements of connection, shift and physical/emotional release drawing in closer a therapeutic vibration. Calling on elements of creativity, magic, and the mystic during class you will be guided to unravel, explore sensation and dance with freedom.

Movement as Meditation
A teacher of dance, yoga and pilates for 3 decades.
The creator of MISFITSTUDIO and the MISFITMETHOD a 200 hour movement program since 2010.
Lover of beauty, Amber believes we are all artists and inspires everyone to discover their own light

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body."
- Martha Graham

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