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Women We Admire | Brittany of Fine Tune Pilates

Brittany C. Murphy, is the founder of Fine Tune Pilates, and one of Toronto’s foremost authorities on Pilates. Brittany has actively been teaching Pilates since 2009. Prior to opening her own studio, she trained and taught at Body Harmonics for several years, studying courses in rehab Pilates, Pre/Post-natal Fitness, Exercise for Seniors, and Pilates for Men, to name a few. She made movement her whole life, and wanted to learn all there was to know about Pilates.
Brittany now aims to share this knowledge with the community of Roncesvalles, which is where I met her while I was living in the neighbourhood. It was always such a pleasure running into her on the street and catching a glimpse of that gorgeous smile! She's a woman I admire for many reasons - one of them being her passion for movement and self-care.

Province Apothecary: What does a typical morning look like for you?
Brittany: I almost always start my day with a cup of coffee. I love the ritual of drinking coffee in the morning - promptly followed by some kind of workout. Whether it's a Pilates session, spin class, or walk in High Park while I listen to a podcast, I love to move my bod in the morning!

PA: What do you eat for a power breakfast?
B: I'm really into smoothie bowls right now.

PA: What are your beauty rituals?
B: Rubbing PA oils all over my face...duh! Drinking tons of water is a must too.

PA: Name a musician you love right now.
B: I've been bumping Reva DeVito's music a lot lately.

PA: How do you ground yourself during the day?
B: I think getting out into nature is when I feel most grounded. I'm lucky enough to live near High Park, so getting out for a walk in the park whenever I can helps ground me.

PA: How would you spend a perfect 'day off'?
B: Some form of exercise, followed by listening to records with my hubby all afternoon. Eating good food, then girl talk with my friends over a bottle of wine. Bliss!

PA: What's your best business advice?
B: Find your tribe. Find a team that challenges you, keeps you creative, and whom you know have your back at all times.

PA: What women do you admire?
B: The ladies behind the scenes at FINE TUNE - Charise, Michelle, and Katrina. They're all smart, confident, and each have these unique qualities that make them serious boss ladies.

Treat yourself to a one-on-one pilates session OR bring a friend for a fun duet session in her gorgeous, serene space. Visit Fine Tune Pilates at 461 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON. Contact Brittany at: for more information.

xx Cassandra

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