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Women We Admire | Lauren Toyota

Lauren Toyota is one of our favourite people! Long time friend of Julie's, she is one the most recognizable voices in Canada’s media landscape. Currently she is devoted to creating authentic content on her 2 YouTube channels, Lauren In Real Life and hot for food. She’s passionate about sharing lessons she’s learned, building inner strength and confidence, encouraging others to follow their dreams, listen to their hearts, and be fearless when it comes to creating the life they desire. (source:

Province Apothecary: What do you do when you wake up?
Lauren: Lately I've been regular with meditating as soon as I wake up. I stretch a bit to wake up and then lie down or sit up in bed to do it. Just a quick 10-minute one!
PA: What would you tell your 20-year-old self if you had the chance?
L: Everything you dream of will happen so stop worrying!

PA: How would you spend a perfect 'day off’?
L: On a beach!

PA: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
L: I really want to go to Peru to hike and be in the mountains because they say in a few years you might not be able to hike Machu Picchu so I want to do it now!

PA: What women do you admire?
L: The friends in my life are some of the most powerful and inspiring women I know! I am so grateful for them in my life and that I have them to look up to and talk to about anything. And then someone I’ve always admired is Oprah!

PA: Where do you find daily creative inspiration?
L: I don’t think I need a major experience to occur to find inspiration. Meditation helps though. That’s really what my entire career is based on, I’m constantly creating. Whether it’s writing, photos, recipes etc. So sometimes it feels like the smallest event or conversation inspires something or just in the everyday things I experience and think. I’m always striving to be present enough to allow the next idea or thing to be born.

One of our favorite videos from Lauren's channel - on confidence & self-acceptance! Take a look below:

Lauren Toyota | | @laurentoyota |

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