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Women We Admire | Actress Sarah Goldberg

Canadian-born actress Sarah Goldberg is busy these days as the lead in HBO's new series Barry, alongside SNL cast member Bill Hader. But she took a minute to answer our questions about her favourite rituals, most useful advice and the women that inspire her.

What's your favourite self care ritual?

Baths. baths. baths. I could absolutely live in a tub! I like to add eucalyptus oil and Dead Sea salt and have a glass of red and a book on standby.

Name a book or a band you are obsessed with right now

'Forest Dark' by Nicole Krauss completely blew me away. And Janelle Monet is really putting a spring in my step these days.

What women do you admire?

My three best childhood friends Christina Gooding, Lindsay Maclennan, and Alexandra Perel-Winkler all recently gave birth. I think they may actually all be super heroes. My sister, Rochelle Goldberg, because she is fearless as an artist.

Also Frances McDormand. For obvious reasons. And Alison Mclennan for standing up and fighting all the battles so my generation might have an easier time of it.

When do you feel most like yourself? When are you at your happiest?

I am happiest when I am traveling. Especially in Italy. A wine and pasta induced euphoria definitely takes hold! I love being in European cities where people really take their time to enjoy things. Where there aren't any 'to go' cups. It is so lovely to slow down and be present in that way. It is hard to cultivate that living in New York but I try.

Photo: Sara Beth Turner

How do you ground yourself (during the day)?

If I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed during the day I focus on my breathing. I also find long walks with good tunes endlessly medicinal.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

My father told me to do what I love in this life. That it is more important to love what you do than to make a lot of money doing it. And that you could just as easily fail at something you don't want to you may as well go for your dreams. Thanks Pops!

What would you tell your 20 year old self if you had the chance?

Chill the F#*& out and stop worrying! YOU'RE TWENTY! Enjoy it.

What is your current skincare routine?

I like to wash my face with something very simple...usually Cetaphil. At the moment I am using a rose cream from Neal's yard. I always pick up a jar when I am in London.

For breakouts under my neck I use Province Apothecary's [Clear Skin] Advanced Spot Treatment. It is a miracle worker and also smells really good! If things are bad I add PA's Zinc Balm on top. The combination cured my acne. (yes still have it at 33, delightful!) I am also obsessed with PA's [Clear Skin] Advanced Face Serum and Enhancing and Replenishing Eye Serum.

Julie has also helped me learn how to massage my face to reduce puffiness. I love to do this in the steam room.

Sarah Goldberg is a Canadian actress who lives in Brooklyn. She began her career doing theatre in London, where she was nominated for an Oliver award for her portrayal of Betsy/Lindsey in Bruce Norris' Pulitzer Prize winning play, Clybourne Park. She has performed in numerous productions in London and New York and is currently the female lead in HBO's Emmy nominated comedy 'Barry'.




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