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Women We Admire | Taryn the Yogi Extraordinaire

Taryn is a yoga teacher and lifelong student of the practice. She is an energetic and inclusive instructor, drawing from experience in facilitation, gender analysis, and a commitment to social justice. With light and love, she embodies compassionate and holistic approaches to individual and community learning. I met Taryn first at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre - then discovered she had already been a facial client of Julie's and avid lover of all things Province Apothecary. I began attending her 9PM yoga classes regularly and quickly fell in love with her positive energy and contagious laughter.

Province Apothecary: What do you do when you wake up?
Taryn: I used to be very diligent in the mornings: wake up, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, take the dog out, and then meditate. In the past few months, my mornings now are swayed by competing needs. My essential morning task is simply to wake up and be open to what I (my body, my mind) needs. Side note- I am about 8 months pregnant so I aim to sleep as late as possible! When I do wake up, I prepare some type of quick snack as I'm usually hungry. Once myself and the dog is cared for, I will make time to meditate. The time can vary...fifteen, twenty, or thirty minutes. The one habit that I haven't broken upon waking is pouring myself a tall glass of water and drinking it all. This all sounds ideal. Some days what I really need is to camp out in front of Netflix and cuddle. The running theme is about being open and non-critical of how I spend my mornings; they are what they need to be.

PA: What do you eat for a power breakfast?
T: I have always needed a high protein breakfast. This need became tricky to access when I was diagnosed with an egg allergy, but having been vegan for a decade before the diagnosis certainly helped with my meal strategies. My favourite go-to breakfasts are: tofu scramble (heavy on veggies) and, most recently, oatmeal with dried fruit, nuts and pumpkin seeds. Once every two weeks I may whip up a gluten-free, vegan pancake recipe and fully indulge. Because my appetite is varying these days, back-up meal supplements include some type of smoothie using hemp seeds as my protein base or plain yogurt with granola, nuts and seeds.

PA: What's your beauty ritual? What's your self care ritual?
T: In my mind, these two questions are one in the same. I've struggled with clear skin for a large part of my adult life. After meeting the amazing ladies at Province Apothecary, I have integrated skin care into my self care regimen. Once a week I'll indulge in my skin care ritual: exfoliate by blending the PA Exfoliant with whatever is in my fridge (honey, lemon juice, plain yogurt, avocado); use the PA clay mask and steam with an herbal blend; and last, massage my face with my custom serum. I argue that this beauty ritual is a self care ritual for several reasons: I have chronic allergies and my nasal congestion is greatly ameliorated by steaming with herbs and essential oils. I have always struggled with clear skin. You could say that was a stress in my life (however silly that may sound.) Taking care of my skin brings me happiness and confidence with the skin I'm in.
Outside of skin care rituals, my self care tools include: meditation, restorative yoga and making time (any amount of time) to move daily. Movement can look formal (like practicing yoga), or intuitive (like using yoga tune-up balls to therapeutically treat my fascia and muscles), or fun (like dancing or playing with my dog.)

PA: Name a book or a band you love right now.
T: I am head over heels in love with Blood Orange. Collaborative, intentional, groovy and gorgeous- grab any album of his and you will not be disappointed.

PA: How do you ground yourself (during the day)?
T: Tapping into your breath at any time, in any place is always a handy tool. I am also big into sighing right now--- letting a big, dramatic, sound-filled exhale fall from your mouth. I have taken to tucking essential oils into my bag and will dap those onto my temples or wrists if I need a little extra earth element.

PA: When do you feel most like yourself? When are you at your happiest?
T: I am at my happiest when I'm expressing myself through movement, specifically yoga. I love to oscillate between the contained, alignment-specific practice of postures and the freedom of just moving your spine, your hips, your arms, your legs through space. There's two forums where I especially feel most happy moving: with my community and under the guidance of a fantastic instructor at Octopus Garden OR at home in my little practice nook. I turn on the cheesiest new age music and really zone into the practice.

PA: What can you do today that you couldn't one year ago?
T: Grow a baby! I mean, I probably could have done that one year ago today, but if we're making straight comparisons, that is a major difference. It is an awe-inspiring task.

PA: How would you spend a perfect 'day off'?
T: I am officially on mat leave now, so every day is the perfect day off! But the ingredients for a perfect day off involve some aspect of self care, caring for others, and rest. I care for myself through yoga or meditation, or meeting up with a member of my wellness team- my homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor or massage therapist. I love to cook and prepare big meals in advance so that my household members have the opportunity to eat nourishing, good food. I have to say that I love indulging in a bit of TV- the good stuff, like a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy or Project Runway. TV plus couch plus blanket plus dog equals GOOD.

Taryn welcomed her baby girl, Garnet June, on December 17th. She will be back to teaching in the coming months at various studios across the city. In the meantime, she is enjoying growing with her new family. Please visit her instagram feed for updates on her return to public classes.

xx Cassandra


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