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Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set for Face + Eyes

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Elevate your skincare routine with the ultimate skincare tool. Our Reusable Silicone Sheet Masks For Face + Eyes are the last sheet masks you will ever need! 

Why it's special:

Get all the benefits of a sheet mask without the waste. Lock in your favourite serums and balms to repair barrier function, deeply hydrate, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • These masks are designed to hold oil serums and balms close to the skin to help preserve the maximum amount of essence for skin nutrition.
  • Simply pair the mask set with your favourite Province Apothecary hydrating product, rinse and reuse.
  • Great for all skin types
Improves appearance of dry, devitalized skin
Improves appearance of dry, devitalized skin
Nourishes and hydrates
Nourishes and hydrates
Softens the look of fine lines
Softens the look of fine lines

Enhanced skin softness*


Better hydration and nourished skin after use*


Would recommend to a friend*


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How-to use Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set for Face + Eyes

How to Use

  • Scan the QR on your product package for a quick how-to tutorial and additional info.
  • There are multiple ways to use these masks, separate or together, and you can use them as often as you like.
  • We highly recommend using the Eye Masks once a day for 5-10 minutes to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and prep your eyes for make-up (if you wear it).
  • We recommend using the Full Face Mask at least once a week, you can 100% use it more often.


  • We suggest washing the silicone masks with warm water and soap and water before using them for the first time. 
  • Prepare your skin with our Invigorating + Balancing Toner followed by our Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum, Clear Skin Advanced Face Serum, or Vital Nutrient Face + Eye Balm in the areas you are applying the masks. (If you are only applying the Eye masks, apply the product to the under-eye area).
  • If you are applying both the Eye masks and Full face mask together, apply the product to your entire face and under the eye area. Apply the eye pads first followed by the full mask, and secure the face mask by looping it around your ears.
  • Let the mask sit for 15-30 minutes and remove it. Massage any excess product into the skin before applying your finishing products.


How it Works

  • Occluding, or covering the skin, allows your product to penetrate deeper into the skin, helping to repair barrier function, deeply hydrate, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Using an oil based product rich in antioxidants allows the active ingredients, like Vitamin A, E + C to be absorbed deeper into the skin working more effectively to improve skin tone and texture.

Care Instructions

  • To clean, rinse with warm water and wash well with a gentle soap to remove any excess product.
  • Let each piece air dry before placing the set into the reusable pouch.
  • With proper care and maintenance, your reusable silicone masks will last for hundreds of uses!

Sustainability Story

Boost your dew, sustainably. We wanted to create a reusable and sustainable option so our customers can experience the benefits of a sheet mask without the unnecessary waste.

One time use sheet masks create over 3,000 pounds of trash that is not biodegradable or recyclable. They are typically made of petroleum-based fibers, packaged in a non-recyclable foil packet or non-recyclable coated cardboard, sandwiched between two sheets of non-recyclable plastic, and covered in cosmetic chemicals.

Our reusable sheet mask is made from food grade silicone. The reusable eye masks are made from medical grade silicone.

A Note from Julie

I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce to you the NEXT LEVEL of masking and incredible results! I have suffered from dry skin forever and I wish I had had this mask years and years ago. As we have been quietly working on launching these masks I have been using them daily and have seen such incredible results. My skin is way more hydrated, my fine lines are less visible, my skin is softer and I have reduced my carbon footprint because I am no longer using single-use sheet masks. I hope you enjoy these masks as much as I do.

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