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Free Shipping on Orders over $35 to Canada and the U.S.
Free Shipping on Orders over $35 to Canada and USA

Radiant Bath + Body Oil

This alluring bath and body oil absorbs quickly to soften, nourish and revitalize all skin types.

Why it's special:

  • The rich blend of moisturizing plant oils effectively tones, firms and improves elasticity, resulting in glowing, smooth skin.
  • The invigorating fragrance blend of essential oils will enliven your spirit, leaving you feeling balanced and revitalized.

Nourishes and hydrates

Softens the look of fine lines

Absorbs quickly and easily


This stuff is magic! I’ve always had dry skin, and lotions never really worked but this body oil keeps my skin soft and hydrated. It also smells amazing; I definitely recommend.

— Meg

Key ingredients:

Geranium Essential Oil | A sweet, uplifting essential oil that helps to tighten + tone skin

Vitamin E | Nourishing + hydrating, softens the look of fine lines + alleviates dry skin

Pomegranate Seed Oil | High in punic essential fatty acid, hydrates, reduces inflammation + helps regenerate skin cells

Clary Sage Oil | Helps relieve swelling, inflammation + muscle tension, is relaxing + supports healthy hormone balance

Safflower Oil | Rich in linoleic acid + Vitamin E, helps relieve eczema, psoriasis + acne

How to use:

Massage into damp skin after showering, or add one to three pumps of oil directly into your bath water.

Julie's pro-tip:

In the morning, dry brush your entire body with a natural bristle brush, then shower and apply our Radiant Bath + Body Oil immediately after to damp skin. Wait two to five minutes for the oils to absorb before getting dressed. At night, add one to three pumps of our Radiant Bath + Body Oil into an epsom salt bath to calm the senses and leave skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

Our commitment to you

Certified Vegan

Cruelty Free

Green Certified

Ethically Sourced

Made in Canada

Good For You + The Planet

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It's everything I need and more!

Absorbs quickly, leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Smells absolutely beautiful - I've received several compliments!!

— Kat

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